January 27, 2022
Running a business during inflationary times
Join Bill Stensson, Harold Deenen and business coach Warren Coughlin for a discussion on managing a business during inflationary times. Bring questions and comments for the panel on how you plan to handle increasing costs and supply chain challenges in 2022. This webinar is presented by Landscape Ontario's COVID-19 Task Force to support members through a period of inflation not seen for several decades. 

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Bill Stensson

Bill Stensson is the Executive Chairman of Sheridan Nurseries. Sheridan Nurseries is over 100 years old and has had to weather many storms. Bill has a lifetime of business experience and is instrumental in Sheridan's longevity and stature. 

Harold Deenen

Harold Deenen is the President and CEO of Hank Deenen Landscaping. His business is long standing, successful and well regarded. Harold is known for his business acumen and his industry leadership. He too has been through the ups and downs of business.   

Warren Coughlin

Warren Coughlin has been coaching entrepreneurs to success and freedom since 2002. He is a self proclaimed "recovering lawyer," a serial entrepreneur, a former college professor as well as an actor and theatre director. Warren says that array of experiences gives him a pretty wide perspective on leadership, success, effectiveness, and fulfillment. 


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Harold DeenenHarold Deenen
warren coughlinWarren Coughlin