March 22, 2021
Roncesvalles Village BIA RFP garden design installation and maintenance
The Roncesvalles Village BIA is inviting proposals for the design, installation and maintenance for its 21 sidewalk gardens along Roncesvalles Avenue in Toronto.

Proposals are due no later than Wednesday, April 7, 2021.

Please see the Request for Quote below:

Request for Quote

About this project:

Quotations are invited for the provision of all labour, materials and equipment necessary for the design and installation of the permanent garden beds on Roncesvalles Avenue.

The Roncesvalles Avenue garden beds have been planted and maintained by volunteer gardeners from the community. Interested companies should consider working along side the volunteers to assist with ongoing maintenance. Ideas and suggestions on working together should be included in your proposal and quote.

Roncesvalles Gardens are unique from standard commercial and BIA gardens.

The Roncesvalles Garden Beds have been designed, planted and maintained by dedicated volunteers. Their main directive was focused on exclusively native and pollinator plants. Great appreciation has been given to this  team over the years of service. Utmost respect is required while working with this team and the efforts they have made.

Each garden is currently uniquely designed and individually maintained by the gardener(s) assigned to the various garden beds. The BIA is looking to create a cohesive garden design, for the entire street, rather than  individual designs.

Our hope is to find a series of plants, evergreens and shrubs that can be repeated throughout the gardens. A short list of 12-20 perennials, shrubs and evergreens, used in repetition throughout the garden design, should be included in the proposal; knowing that existing plants could be transplanted/repurposed to fill in where possible, to supplement this updated design. This will allow a combination of cohesive design, along with touches of individuality the gardens have become known for.

A comprehensive plant inventory of the current gardens is available to interested parties.