October 15, 2013
New membership and chapter coordinator, Rachel Cerelli
New membership and chapter coordinator, Rachel Cerelli
Denis Flanagan CLD
LO Manager of Membership and Public Relations

Denis FlanaganHaving just completed a tour of all of our Chapters, It is abundantly clear that the enthusiasm, camaraderie and willingness to make our membership a success at the local level is alive and well.

Many new members have joined executive boards, which has brought new life and ideas to the Chapters, while still recognizing all the hard work and dedication of previous board members.

As we move into the fall and winter season, educational events are moving into top gear. Again the Chapter committees have worked hard at sharing ideas with other Chapters to put together a series of seminars, lectures and round-table discussions that are well worth your membership fee, if you choose to participate.

In all corners of the province there is always opportunity for some social time. Volunteers have once again organized ski days, Christmas parties and game nights. What a great way to treat your staff and family to a well-deserved break.

If all this wasn’t enough, several Chapters take loyalty to their local community very seriously and continue to initiate, support and fund many worthwhile causes that I hope will get the media attention that they deserve. During the coming months, we will feature as many projects as we can. Three impressive projects that I have witnessed first-hand are a school greening project by the Waterloo Chapter, a similar outdoor classroom construction by the Upper Canada Chapter and the continued success of the landscaping of the Veterans Memorial Parkway by the London Chapter. These will be covered in future articles in Landscape Ontario magazine.

There is no doubt that the continued success of LO’s Chapters is due to the dedication of members. Our role as staff is to listen, help support and encourage.

I would like to take a moment to recognize the wonderful job that Helen Hassard did over the last three years on behalf of the members. As many of you know, Helen has moved on to another career. As we wish her every success, we are also proud to announce that Rachel Cerelli will be taking on her new role as membership and chapter coordinator. I am really looking forward to working with Rachel. She has spent several years coordinating the certification programs for LO by applying her knowledge of the industry, her enthusiasm and great organizational skills. Rachel has managed to expand the certification programs to record levels. Please give Rachel a warm welcome when she visits your Chapter over the next couple of months.
Denis Flanagan can be reached at dflanagan@landscapeontario.com or at 905-875-1805, ext. 2303.