November 15, 2014
On Oct. 23, Minister of Training, Colleges and Universities, Reza Moridi, appointed Tony Dean to conduct a technical review of certain processes within the Ontario College of Trades.

The review will focus on how decisions are made regarding scopes of practice and trade classification reviews.

The College says it is supportive of this review and looks forward to working with Dean.

In just over a year, the College has made progress as a new self-regulatory body mandated to oversee and modernize skilled trades in Ontario. The College agrees that there are opportunities for improvement in certain aspects of our regulatory framework.

The Review will be in place for a year and should help improve certain aspects of the College’s regulatory framework to better fulfil its mandate to regulate and promote the trades in the public interest.

During this review, it will be business as usual at the College. The College’s members and clients will not be affected operationally and will continue to receive the same services from the College.

Enforcement officers will continue to ensure that individuals performing the work of compulsory trades have the training and certification required to legally practise those trades in Ontario.

What will be impacted: any requests to develop new apprenticeship programs, review or amend existing scopes of practice, or trade classification reviews will be put on hold until the review is completed and any relevant recommendations are implemented.

Once again, it is important to stress this is a technical review to improve certain processes and NOT a review of the College itself, nor its mandate.

For more information on the appointment of Tony Dean, go to website to read the Minister of Training, Colleges and Universities’ release and the Terms of Reference, and a statement from CEO and Registrar David Tsubouchi on the appointment.