April 3, 2020

Relaxing in luxury

Large planters with colourful blooms, textured grasses and cascading plants are a visual treat.

Sleek sophistication

This 19th century property created by Seferian Design Group of Burlington, Ont., is a Landscape Ontario Awards of Excellence winner. Careful consideration of existing features and new additions put the design process to the test. Trees were planted to gain more privacy for the property, along with lighting and fire pots to add ambience for evening parties. Comfortable seating areas for guests complete the elegant space.  

A large pool with built-in water feature was installed as the focal point of the outdoor space. The pool also acts as a reflective surface for the surrounding landscape, adding to the warm, welcoming space.

  Fire pots, reflected in the pool, add nighttime drama, while water spouts provide soothing sounds.

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