July 8, 2013
Reducing accidents in the workplace
Introducing four new online courses for your employees   

Most of you have experienced the pain, suffering, disruption and cost of accidents in the workplace. 
Landscape Ontario's insurance provider Marsh Canada
is now offering members four online courses aimed at reducing accidents.
These great programs can be taken anytime online, at home or in the office.
You could make them a requirement of any new employee. 

Summer program:
  • Safe Driving
  • Lifting and Ladder Safety
Winter program:
  • Winter Driving
  • Snow and Ice Risk Control  
$49 for Landscape Ontario members, or
$39 for LO members who have their insurance through Marsh

Follow this link to register for the courses: 

How they work?
Courses are presented visually with a “show me, tell me, let me try it, and test me” approach. 
The student is then given a test to ensure that they have learned the material and to identify any gaps
that need extra attention. The employer is able to access a report detailing who has started, worked on,
completed, passed, or failed any course, in any time period. Gap analysis reports enables the member firm
to have an understanding of the specific subject areas that cause the most problems for drivers.

For more information contact:  
Luke Pallister
416-868-2117, luke.pallister@marsh.com