May 15, 2012
Randy Adams
Randy Adams
In the early 1990s, after Randy Adams of Adams landscape Supply in Kitchener moved into the topsoil business, he began to hear from his customers that he should become a member of Landscape Ontario.

As always, Adams listened to his customers and joined.

It wasn’t too many years after joining the association, that Adams became a director on the Waterloo Chapter board. “I have now been on the board for approximately 15 years; the last few as the vice president. During that time, I have helped run various events.”

For the past four years Randy Adams has also served on the Snow and Ice Management Sector Group.

Recognized for projects

Adams says he finds it very rewarding to have people recognize the association’s efforts to beautify local communities. “Networking within the industry has proved very valuable in creating long-term friends and customers. I feel LO is now getting much more recognized for the projects we do,” he says.

Helping educate young people is also very satisfying for Randy Adams. He feels it is important to help those just getting into the trade. “It can be very rewarding to help the new people.”  Adams has always supported education events in the Kitchener, Waterloo, Cambridge and Guelph area. “We have given yard tours and the students have enjoyed the experience.”

Few LO members are as aggressive as Randy Adams when it comes to encouraging newcomers, as well as some long-time members of the industry, to join the association that represents them.

He reflects how, with the support of his customers, Adams Landscape Supply grew into the largest hardscape supply yard in the tri-city and Guelph area.

Green for Life important

The Green for Life brand is very important to Randy Adams. “I encourage all LO members to promote the Green for Life brand in order to keep us all growing for the future.”

Chapters across the province know these are not just idle words, as Adams has backed it up with his Green for Life stone monuments. One of the monuments currently sits at the front entrance of the LO home office in Milton. Executive director Tony DiGiovanni remembers, “He (Adams) showed up one day with his crane truck and the gift of the stone monument.” Other Chapters have used the monuments as donations to local projects.

Adams sold his business last year, but along with his two daughters, he continues to work for the new owner. “My wife, Eva, who offered 100 per cent support and effort when we ran the business, is now enjoying retirement.”

Randy Adams consistently spreads the message to potential new members on the benefits of belonging to Landscape Ontario.