December 30, 2014
Program will help chart your business's direction
By Jacki Hart CLP
Prosperity Partners program manager

There are two things I can guarantee about your business:
  • Figuring out what needs changing is tough.
  • Actually making changes that stick is even tougher.
Essentially, to make changes you must decide what needs to be done differently. To do that, you must step back and take a look from the outside. Presumably the change that you identify is a need to do something better, or more profitably. But how do you make those changes and when? I think it's simple, really. You need to STOP doing something one way, and START doing it another way. Sounds simple, right? Yes, but it's just not entirely easy to do. That's especially true if you have staff, spouses or partners who you must convince to 'buy into' the idea. That's where the Prosperity Partners program can really help you to get some solid ground under your feet in order to move forward.

Back in July, I gave readers a checklist to get started on thinking about the changes needed this winter to improve business. We called it the November Files — a place to put ideas for tomorrow on the back burner. Well, ahem, it's November, and tomorrow has arrived! So, unless you want to find yourself heading down the exact same road you just traveled in April, now is the time to start planning on what you (or your staff) need to STOP doing, and what you need to START doing. Here's the list of thoughts I suggest you ask yourself, if you haven't already, on brainstorming your business improvements for this winter.

The 'STOP' doing list includes:
It absolutely drives me crazy when my staff ____________________.
It frustrates me to no end when my equipment/trucks ____________________.
I never have enough time in my work day to____________________.
I consistently do these things on my list last, or only if they can no longer be ignored ____________________.
Deliveries drive me crazy when ____________________.
Plant material inventory frustrates me when ____________________.
I am disappointed at work when ____________________.
My customers push my buttons when they ____________________.

The 'START' doing more of this list includes:
I am really proud of my staff when ____________________.
I am really proud of this company when ____________________.
Time passes by SO quickly when I am busy doing ____________________.
The best three things about my job are ____________________.
The best feedback I've heard from customers this year is ____________________.
The most surprising compliment we've had as a company is ____________________.
I can see the improvements we worked on last winter in ____________________.

Back in July, I also suggested that you schedule an entire day in November to retrieve these thoughts, and have a quiet, focused brainstorming day all by yourself. It's a time to work ON your business rather than just IN it.

So what's your date? Now is the time to plan for some sort of change to improve your business. Getting started is the hardest part of the process. We're here to help with that. By taking time to revisit what's working and what's not, you will be able to make a solid plan to make the most of your available resources and work effectively to take your business to the next level.

The Prosperity Partners introductory seminar is designed to lead you through that day of planning, and help take stock of your business in an entirely new and clear way. If you're having trouble getting started in trying to figure out what to do next, come to the introductory seminar. You will learn a new system of how and where to see the blind spots and gaps in your business, how to leverage the strengths of your business (which is sometimes the hardest to recognize) and how to recognize your strengths and where you need help.

There are already six seminar dates scheduled at various chapters this winter. Seating is limited, so register now, or to learn more go to and follow the links to view seminar dates, locations, or to register online.

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