November 15, 2012
By Jacki Hart CLP
Prosperity Partners program manager
Jacki HartI begin this month’s column with a quote from one of our industry leaders and an outstanding Prosperity Partners instructor, Tim Kearney CLP, “As an association of members with common challenges throughout our careers, we need Landscape Ontario to connect the dots, and connect us with each other, and the benefits of membership.”
There’s lots of news on the Prosperity Partners page this month.

Engagement award

The Nov. 20 deadline for our Prosperity Partners Engagement Award is looming.
If you have taken the Build Your Prosperity seminar, grab a few minutes to give us a one sentence answer to the questions below, and send them to me. Our Prosperity committee will select the award recipients. Last year there were five company owners selected, based on how the program has assisted them in their business planning and implementation.
To enter the Prosperity Engagement Award contest, please submit your SHORT answers to these questions:
  1. What was the first change you made after beginning the Prosperity Partners Program, and what were the positive results for your business?
  2. Since beginning the Prosperity Partners Program, what changes have you made to address your blind spot?
  3. What changes have you made to allow yourself to spend more time working ON your business?
  4. What principle of the Prosperity Partners Program do you feel has had the biggest impact on your work-life balance?
  5. In what ways are you leveraging your current excess resources to support your business challenges?
  6. What strategies have you used to communicate your core values, or non-negotiables, to your employees?
Entries must be received by Nov. 20. Email Go for it, and be recognized for your great efforts to take your business to its next level.

Making Prosperity Partners message accessible

Last month I asked the Provincial Board of Directors for suggestions on how we can make the Prosperity Partners message and program more accessible. The suggestions were fantastic, engaging, and really connected the dots.

Going forward, each of our 10 sector group committees will have an information session about the program, and discuss with me how the program may need to be tailored to individual sectors to make the content more relevant. Watch for sector specific Prosperity offerings next winter. Congratulations to the Interior Plantscape Group for taking the initiative to be the first to ask for a customized program. Who’s next?

In addition, the nine chapter board representatives agreed that the Prosperity Partners program is a benefit that needs to be more clearly communicated and shared among their members. We are working together on new ways to make the Prosperity Partners program more visible and clear for members at the chapter level. Watch for information at your upcoming chapter meetings on the Prosperity Partners program.

Congress workshop

And finally……connecting the dots at Warm Up Monday during Congress 2013 in January.

It’s a business management short course, led by well-known instructors, yours truly Jacki Hart and Tim Kearney. Attendees at this one-day workshop will focus on strategies to reduce peak season stress, and improve their quality of work life.

The group will create a customized list of challenges, and work in break-out sessions to drill out the core issues and create solutions. Designed with the over-burdened business manager/owner in mind, this interactive one-day event combines the power of peer-to-peer information exchange, effective management skill content and includes seasoned veterans as moderators to help you launch your day-to-day prosperity to an entirely new level.

Participants will be asked lots of questions to spark thought provoking business improvement discussions, such as:
How long would your business survive without you? (i.e. cash flow, sales, team collaboration, profit, market share)
What is the one thing you absolutely have to change and get right this coming year?
If you feel like business is beating you up — why is that?
Enrolment is limited, so go today to www.locongress to register.

Prosperity quote of the month

“The Prosperity Partners Program, spearheaded by Bob Tubby CLP, is without a doubt the single most effective program Landscape Ontario has ever created and delivered.”
— Greg Salivan
Salivan Landscaping, Toronto

Jacki Hart may be contacted at