October 15, 2011
Tony DiGiovanni CHT
LO Executive Director

During his presidency at Landscape Ontario, Bob Tubby came up with the term Prosperity Partners. The concept described the ideal relationship between you and your association. The Prosperity Partners concept has evolved to include a business development program focused on five pillars.    

To me these simple two words have inspired a way of thinking that is uplifting, nurturing and positive, no matter what specific situation you may find yourself in. For example, when I think about the ideal relationship between an LO member and his or her association, Prosperity Partners says it all.

LO is here to help you prosper from financial, social, knowledge enhancement and legacy perspectives. In his books and lectures, Stephen Covey often used a mnemonic to define prosperity. Prosperity exists when individuals are increasing in their ability to “live, learn, love and leave a legacy.” In providing an environment focused on your prosperity, the association also prospers.    

I believe the Prosperity Partners concept should continue to be integrated with everything we do. It could be used to describe the ideal relationship between you and your association, you and your customers, you and your employees, you and your suppliers and of course you and your family.  Everything we do in our personal and business roles fits under the Prosperity Partners concept.   

Here is the summary of the Prosperity Partners concept:  
Prosperity Partners is a communication tool to describe the relationship between the association and the member. It also describes the ideal relationship between member companies, employees, customers and suppliers. The two words (Prosperity Partners) are powerful as a vision, mission, value statement and operational guide.   

Prosperity Partners is also a business enhancement tool. The five-pillar language of the Prosperity Partners’ concept is useful, because it helps members clarify the five essential areas of business competency. Every business needs to constantly improve its knowledge, skill and experience in the five pillars. All of us, no matter what size organization we are in, need continued development in: leadership abilities, sales skill, financial acumen, customer relationships and operational efficiencies.

The language of Prosperity Partners is meant to be a common language for LO members. A common language between members unlocks huge potential to collaborate, communicate and stimulate understanding.  

Everything else we do as an association, including mentorship (formal and otherwise) aligns with the common language of Prosperity Partners. The Prosperity Partners concept can be understood at different levels. Going forward, Landscape Ontario will continue to reinforce the pillar language of the Prosperity Partners concept as a business development tool and the vision/ethic/value of becoming a prosperity partner in all relationships as a personal development tool.

We thank the “Prosperity King” Bob Tubby for his inspiration.   
Tony DiGiovanni may be reached at tonydigiovanni@landscapeontario.com.