January 7, 2016
Prosperity Partners Best Practices Templates
Helping your business succeed

Templates are available for download for those who have completed the Best Practices seminar of the Prosperity Partners Program.

Each template will assist you to implement the key principles of the program into your business culture and many may easily be customized to adopt your specific business needs.

Click below to view/download the templates available for each of the five pillars of the program:

Customers for Life
Best Practices Checklist
Privacy Issues
Accessible customer service training
Federal government’s customer relationship strategy

Financial Health
Balance Sheet Template
Bank Reconciliation Template
Best Practices Checklist
Expense Report.xls
Job Material and Labour Record
Monthly Projection and Compare
Purchase Order Template.xls

Behaviour Guide
Core Values
Full Company Manual
Employee Handbook
Employee Orientation and Training
Best Practices
Performance Appraisal Personnel
Roles and Responsibilities
Your Business Components

Operational Excellence
Best Practices Checklist Professional Operations
Contractor Sub-Contractor Policy
HR Toolkit
Daily Truck and Tractor Inspection Checklist
Commercial Vehicle Operators' Safety Manual
Equipment Check
Equipment Maintenance Program
Accident Investigation and Reporting
Artificial Respiration and CPR Poster
Early and Safe Return to Work Policy
Emergency Telephone List
First Aid Policy
Health and Safety Policy Declaration
Housekeeping Policy
Joint Health Committees
Sample Letter to Practioner for Injured Worker
OHSA Self-evaluation Templates
Sample Policy for Skid Steer Training
WHMIS Training
Workplace Hazard Identification Report
Workplace Inspection Checklist
Sample Policy for Workplace Inspections
Rules of the Road for Commercial Drivers
Commercial Vehicle Operators' Safety Manual

Job Material and Labour Record

Sales Success
Best Practices Sales Success
Sample Proposal for Residential Renovation
Sample 12-month Commercial Contract
Sample Marketing Plan
Sample Price Quote
Why develop a marketing plan?

Developing a marketing plan
Online Sales