October 15, 2012
Members of the interior plantscape industry have a new reference tool, the Interior Plantscape Reference and Study Manual.

Produced by Landscape Ontario, the publication is a training tool for the interior plantscaper and recommended to prepare for the Landscape Industry Certified Interior Technician exam.

Topics covered include plant basics and nutrition, soil quality, diagnosis and control of interior plant problems, green wall basics and pest, plant, and people management.

Author of the manual is well-known horticultural educator Fred Prescod, a member of the LO Interior Plantscapes Sector Group. In the manual’s 136 pages, he shares his more than 28 years of experience in the interior plantscape industry. The book includes an extensive profile section of many of the foliage plants used to enhance interior spaces.

To purchase a copy of the manual, go to http://bit.ly/Ruy9E6.