May 11, 2022
Photographer Spotlight - Effie Siamalekas

Photographer Spotlight - Effie Siamalekas

Oakville, Ont.

Eeffie SiamalekasEffie Siamalekas has loved taking pictures for as long as she can remember. In 2013, she turned her passion into a career with the launch of her photography and videography business Effie Edits.

Her specialty is capturing important milestones for couples and families, and she also has a gift for showcasing beautiful gardens and landscapes. Siamalekas recently connected with Landscape Trades to share why she enjoys shooting outdoor spaces.
Landscape Trades: How did you get into garden photography?

Siamalekas: I have some friends that are landscapers, and I would show up to some of the sites they worked on periodically. I was still experimenting with what I loved to photograph the most — at the time I was doing a lot of wedding videos and automotive photography. I started bringing my camera to shoot before and after photos to help them market their landscaping company. I loved watching the transformation and helping showcase the beauty of the homes.

What catches your eye when you’re photographing a garden?

Any time there is movement, like fire or water features. These elements really bring the photos to life and help curate a story and experience.

Do you have any tips or tricks you can share?

My favourite times to photograph are sunrise, sunset or during overcast days. Harsh shadows in the middle of the day can take away from the design and building materials. I have some great landscaping clients that help clean or prepare a property before I arrive. This leaves me with more time to look for great angles to show off the property and can make a big difference for the end product.

What are some of your favourite gardens you have photographed? Are there any you would like the chance to shoot?

My favourite landscaping projects to shoot have always been the spaces that are unique, and feel so zen and spa-like as soon as I step foot onto the property. I would love to shoot more cottages and homes by the water!

What is your favourite camera gear for shooting gardens?

For photos, I love using my 16-35mm lens. When I shoot video, I love using my drone and a camera stabilizer to get those smooth, cinematic shots.
Instagram: @effieeditsmedia