May 20, 2009
Pesticide Industry Council\'s Pesticide Technician Program

Ontario Regulation 914 under the Pesticide Act, as administered by the Ministry of Environment (MOE), requires that all unlicenced assistants working with licenced exterminators must complete a basic pesticide safety course, approved by the MOE, such as the Pesticide Technician Program, in order to legally apply pesticides under indirect supervision. Indirect supervision means that the licensed exterminator is required to observe the technicians\' work at least once a week at the extermination site.
Unlicenced assistants who do not have technician status must work under direct supervision (i.e. hand in hand).

The Pesticide Technician Program consists of two parts:
Academic component: A written test based on the Technician Training Manual, administered by and Industry accredited examiner.
Practical component: A practical demonstration of 5 safety tasks, administered by a licenced exterminator.

Notices regarding Regulation 914 under The Pesticides Act

Examiner Information

To become a PIC accredited examiner, candidates must:

  • be a Licensed Exterminator
  • have five or more years experience in pest management
  • attend a PIC orientation seminar
  • pass the Technician Exam
  • Sign a Code of Ethics Technician Information