January 15, 2015
By Dave Braun
LO President

Dave Braun A very smart man recently shared a story with me that I thought was  worth repeating. And, I’m not just saying that because that clever man is my father-in-law.

My wife’s father, Murray, and I were discussing the sometimes harsh business world. Murray, having previously owned a real estate firm, and being in the business for decades, used to write a column on business that he published in the local newspaper. The story that he told me recently is the same one that was printed many years ago about my wife Ashley and her younger brother Andrew. It follows here:

“In our house, when someone loses a baby tooth, it goes into a little bottle and is placed under the pillow at bedtime. The Tooth Fairy always comes during the night, takes the tooth, and leaves some money in its place.

“One night last week, Ashley had two teeth for the Tooth Fairy and Andrew, not to be outdone, rounded up a tooth which he had not yet cashed in. So, under the pillow went the two little bottles and three little teeth. The two slept together that night because Andrew’s not sure he likes being alone when there are going to be fairies on the loose. But he does want the money. With Ashley on guard, they were both soon fast asleep.  

“Later that night, it was Daddy Tooth Fairy’s turn to make the switch. But Andrew’s bottle was nowhere to be found. After a fruitless search, the big grumpy Tooth Fairy put Andrew’s 25 cents on the very corner of his night table where he couldn’t miss it in the morning. Why the tooth hadn’t been taken could be explained away somehow.


“The big grumpy Tooth Fairy put Andrew’s 25 cents on the very corner of his night table.”

“Very early the next morning, I was alone in the family room reading the morning paper and enjoying a cup of coffee. All was quiet until I heard the sound of little footsteps coming down the stairs. Soon Ashley appeared and, unaware of me sitting in the corner, sleepily padded over to the kitchen cupboard where we keep a bowl of loose change. She soon found what she wanted and once again headed up the stairs.

“Once she had disappeared, I couldn’t help but follow her to see what was up. She was gingerly tucking something under Andrew’s pillow. Then she saw me. Tiptoeing over, she motioned me to come back downstairs with her. Safely out of Andrew’s earshot, she said, ‘Oh Dad, when I woke up, I found two quarters in my bottle from the Tooth Fairy. But when I checked Andrew’s bottle, his tooth was still there. The Fairy missed it!  So I got a quarter for him downstairs and put it into his bottle so he won’t be disappointed when he wakes up.’

“Sometimes I wonder whether we don’t learn more from our children than they ever do from us. About caring, like this. Imagine if we adults could transfer this attitude to everyday business.”

It is clear that Murray is very wise man and a wonderful writer. I’m so glad that he shared this story. I’m elated, however, that he gave his blessing so that I could marry the incredibly beautiful and caring subject of this tale.

A few members of the LO group implemented Jacki’s suggestion and were pleasantly surprised to have success hiring staff this season. I encourage you all to not only try Jacki’s suggestion, but to also take a good look at the language you are using, the tools you are using to communicate, and the audience you are trying to reach in order to have more success this hiring season.

Much like fishing, it is sometimes how you present the opportunity that can make all the difference.

Dave Braun may be reached at dbraun@landscapeontario.com.