October 13, 2022

New Woody Plants for 2023


Weigela Vinho Verde

Vinho Verde is characterized by lime green leaves set off with a bold, black margin. A light crop of red-pink flowers appears in late spring, but the foliage — coupled with an irresistibly neat habit — is the primary reason to grow this beauty. (Zone 5)

Proven Winners | Spring Meadow Nursery


Hydrangea Pink Dynamo

This mountain hydrangea produces vibrant, hot pink flowers that rebloom over silky black foliage. Its compact size and bold contrast make this unique new selection ideal for patio containers, walkways, or garden beds. (Zone 5)

Bloomin’ Easy | Van Belle Nursery


Hydrangea Endless Summer Pop Star

Pop Star Hydrangea is a lacecap cultivar that has strong bud hardiness, reliable rebloom, and doesn’t need pruning to keep its size. Dark green leaves with blue or pink blooms provide year-after-year colour and interest. (Zone 4)

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Jolene Jolene puts on the flower show you expect from a beautybush, but at half the conventional size so you can fit it into a modern residential landscape. It is very adaptable and can make an excellent flowering hedge, foundation plant, or be used as an all-purpose landscape plant. (Zone 4)

Proven Winners | Spring Meadow Nursery


Metasequoia ‘Soul Fire’

This dawn redwood has golden needles that can take full sun and be as colourful as if grown in part shade. It can be used as an accent in a mixed border or a focal specimen in any garden space to provide months of colour and a gorgeous backdrop to flowering shrubs. (Zone 4)

Plants Nouveau


Physocarpus FirstEditions Lucky Devil

Beautiful white blooms in spring, and orange fall colour make this compact shrub a multi-season wonder in cool and moderate climates. (Zone 3)

Bailey Nurseries


Diervilla Firefly

Firefly’s bright gold and orange foliage contrasts vibrantly against darker plants. Electric yellow flowers appear in late spring to really spark things up. This native plant is very attractive to pollinators. (Zone 4)

Plants Nouveau | Van Belle Nursery




Hydrangea Bloom Champion Mysterious Pink & Blue

This large-leaved hydrangea boasts three months of bloom with unique double colouring and a reblooming habit. Its strong stems and firm flowers are great for the patio and garden. Winner of a Gold Medal KVBC Spring Challenge 2020. (Zone 5)

ThinkPlants | Creekside Greenhouses


Hydrangea Torch

This hardy panicle hydrangea has the earliest flowering of its type that we’ve seen, leading the race through late spring with creamy blooms atop superior upright form. (Zone 5)

Bloomin’ Easy | Van Belle Nursery


Prunus Ruby Ruffle Patio Peach

A heavier bloomer than other varieties on the market, this tree flushes with semi-double dark pink flowers every spring and presents dark burgundy foliage that reliably retains its colour. Great in containers or the landscape. (Zone 5)

Star Roses and Plants


Hydrangea Sweet Starlight

This paniculata dazzles with an abundance of bright white blooms on dense and compact, non-flopping stems. Soft pink will appear on the large flower panicles as early as July and blooms will age beautifully to an antique dark pink.

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