November 1, 2015

New roses 2016

Clethra 'Novacleein' USPPAF

Einstein summersweet

Ball FloraPlant introduces several new varieties to its Cabaret series, including Good Night Kiss, which features a novel pattern with a star centre. Plants are well-branched with full centres, well-suited for hanging baskets.
Star Roses and Plants





Euonymus fortunei 'Dandel' (PBR)

Dan’s Delight euonymus

Compact grower with stunning white variegated leaves. Bright colour combination kept year long makes this plant stand out. Medal winner at Royal Boskoop Horticultural Show. Grows 15 cm.
Canadale Nurseries





Hydrangea arborescens 'NCHA2' (PPAF, CPBRAF)

'Invincibelle Spirit II' hydrangea

The second generation of Invincibelle Spirit hydrangea delivers darker foliage, stiffer stems, and larger flowers that are a richer pink that ages to an attractive green. $1 from every plant sold will be donated to the Breast Cancer Research Centre. Reliable pink summer flowers that rebloom. A Proven Winners plant for sun to part shade. Hardy to Zone 5, grows 125 cm tall and wide.
Sheridan Nurseries





Hydrangea macrophylla 'SMNKMSIGMA' USPPAF, CPBRAF

Let’s Dance Rave hydrangea

Bright pink blooms, rich violet in acid soil. Strong repeat blooming on a compact shrub. Wilt resistant, this hydrangea is notable for its 61 to 91 cm (2 to 3 ft) mounds loaded with blooms. Grows 30 cm.
Canadale Nurseries





Hydrangea macrophylla 'Hokomarevo' PP22260

Everlasting Revolution hydrangea

Sturdy branches of this hydrangea hold large flowers of pink to blue flowers, often both colours at once. Waxy leaves, compact growth and strong repeat bloomer are key features. Grows 40 cm or 30 cm.
Canadale Nurseries





Hydrangea macrophylla 'Hortmanwin'

Everlasting Wings hydrangea

Wings was named for the large, winged florets (individual flowers) in lime and crisp white that cover the blooms. The plant is medium sized, blooms on new wood and makes the perfect cut hydrangea. Prune these plants in the late summer after they have bloomed. They cannot be pruned in the spring when they are preparing to flower, because you will cut off the flower buds. Prefers part sun and afternoon shade, with average garden soil acceptable. Hardy to Zones 5-9. Grows 61-76 cm by 61-72 cm (24-30 in. by 24-30 in.).
Willowbrook Nurseries





Hydrangea paniculata 'SMHPFL' (PPAF)

Fire Light hydrangea

Upright panicles are packed with florets which transform from pure white in summer to rich pomegranate-pink in late summer to fall. Hardy to Zones 3-9. Grows to 152 cm (5 ft) with a spread of 152 cm (5 ft).
J.C. Bakker & Sons





Hydrangea paniculata 'SMHPRZEP' (PPAF, CPBRAF)

'Zinfin Doll' hydrangea

Large conical flowers for this hydrangea that is hot-pink at base with white tips that are very showy. A Proven Winners plant that is hardy to Zone 5. Thrives in sun to part shade and should be pruned hard each spring. Grows to 200 cm tall and wide.
Sheridan Nurseries





Lonicera periclymenum 'Scentsation' USPP 16,240

Scentsation honeysuckle vine

Very fragrant bright yellow blooms of this staked honeysuckle vine are born in abundance in mid-spring and in waves all summer and into fall. Attracts hummingbirds, butterflies.
Canadale Nurseries





Malus x adstringens 'Jefmist'

Royal Mist rosybloom crabapple

An upright rosybloom resulting from a cross between ‘Shaughnessy Cohen’ and ‘Thunderchild’. Outstanding deep-pink flowers in spring. Purple spring foliage turns bronze green in summer. Medium-sized fruit falls in early autumn. Grows 6 m tall by 3 m wide (20 ft by 9 ft). Hardy to Zone 2.
Jeffries Nurseries





Picea pungens 'ByJohn'

Bylands Blue dwarf spruce

A dwarf, very compact blue Colorado blue spruce that retains its globe-shape because of its multiple growing points resulting in a symmetrical form. Bylands Blue has short, medium blue coloured needles, requires no pruning since it does not bolt into a single leader. The growth rate is slow (30 per cent less than P. pungens ‘Globosa’) and consistent. Excellent accent evergreen for small spaces. Grows 1 m tall by 1 m wide. Hardy to Zone 2.
Bylands Nurseries





Syringa x 'Pink Perfume'

Bloomerang Pink Perfume lilac

The most recent addition to the Bloomerang series but this time the flowers are pink. Pink Perfume continues the tradition of fragrant blooms and blooming twice in a season, spring and midsummer to fall. Prune after the spring bloom and apply slow release fertilizer or compost for consistent all season feeding. Deer resistant. Grows 1.5 m tall by 1.5 m wide. Hardy to Zone 3.
Bylands, Sheridan Nurseries





Vaccinium 'Perpetua'

Brazelberry Perpetua blueberry

Perpetua is a new concept to blueberries with the ability to flower on new growth without any chilling. It still retains the usual blueberry features of attractive flowers, and dark green, glossy leaves that turn a deep red in fall. The plant has a vigorous growth rate, is vase-shaped and maintains a compact plant habit. The delicious tasting fruit is mature in late summer to early fall. Hardy to Zone 5. Grows to 1 m tall and wide.
Bylands Nurseries





Weigela florida

Sonic Bloom ‘Pink’ weigela

Deciduous shrub with a mounded habit produces loads of hot pink flowers in May followed by waves of blooms until frost. No deadheading is needed to see strong reblooming. The Sonic Bloom attracts hummingbirds and is a deer resistant plant. Exposure can be part sun to full sun. Hardy to Zones 5-8. Grows 123-152 cm (48-60 in.) tall by 152-178 cm (60-70 in.) wide.
Willowbrook Nurseries





Weigela x Slingco 2 PPAF, CPBRAF

Maroon Swoon weigela

Deepest red-maroon bell shaped flowers born in abundance on compact shrub to 3 to 4 ft. Rich green foliage set off the flowers of this weigela. Grows 40 cm.
Canadale Nurseries