October 13, 2022

New Roses for 2023


Rosa Buttercream Drift

Buttercream Drift is a new colour addition to this series. Blooms start light yellow to cream colored and finish pure white. The variety has been a consistent performer in trials across the country. (Zone 4)

Star Roses and Plants


Rosa Reminiscent series

The Serbian breeding team focused their efforts for this series on colour, fragrance, petal count, and flower power. Coral, cream and pink colours are available. (Zone 4)

Proven Winners | Spring Meadow Nursery


Rosa Top Cream

Top Cream is a white hybrid tea rose with very large and fully double flowers. Depending on the season and climate, the flowers may sometimes be suffused with light pink. (Zone 5)

Star Roses and Plants


Rosa Rise Up series

Rise Up series are called “mini climbers,” as they keep a neat, dense habit and can be grown as a climber or a shrub rose. They are vigorous, healthy and rebloom in colours of pure yellow, yellow with a red eye and light purple. (Zone 4)

Proven Winners | Spring Meadow Nursery


Rosa Yukon Sun

This compact, early, and continuous blooming rose is reminiscent of warm sunlight set against beautiful dark green glossy foliage. It is low-maintenance, resistant to black spot and powdery mildew and winter hardy to -35 C.

Vineland Research and Innovation Centre


Rosa Ringo Double Pink

This rose selection brings a cheerful presence to the garden, with bright yellow stamen surrounded by a distinctive wine-stained eye. It is also very hardy, with glossy foliage that exhibits excellent black spot resistance. (Zone 4)

Proven Winners | Spring Meadow Nursery