November 1, 2015

New roses 2016

Rosa 'CNLA 333'

Oscar Peterson rose

Oscar Peterson is the latest rose to be introduced in the Canadian Artists series. The plant has an upright growth habit that is easy to maintain and the glossy leaves have a high disease resistance. The striking feature of this Zone 3 rose is the very large (10 cm), semi-double, outfacing, pure white coloured flowers with a yellow centre that appear in June and then again in mid-August. Grows 1 by 1 m.
Bylands Nurseries, J.C. Bakker & Sons, Jeffries Nurseries





Rosa 'RADpastel' USPPAF, CPBR

Peach Lemonade rose

This multi-coloured rose is sweet and special. Blooms start out lemon yellow, then fade to a blush pink. Continual blooms and long flowering time mean yellow, white and pink blooms all at the same time! Also exceptionally disease resistant. Requires full sun, is cold hardy to zone 4 and will grow 3 ft. tall x 3 ft. wide in a rounded shape.
Van Belle Nursery





Rosa 'WEKbijou'

Koko Loko floribunda rose

The cocoa colour of the Koko Loko is creamy like latte at the outset, but the latte goes loco to finish all lavender. This early to bloom rose has a moderate fragrance. Grows 39 cm (3 ft) and 26 cm (2 ft) wide.
J.C. Bakker & Sons






Oh My! floribunda rose

The Oh My! rose has a deep red colour bloom that is velvety, bright and long-lasting. The rose has a mild apple fragrance and also features glossy dark red-green leaves with very good disease resistance. Grows 52 cm (4 ft) and 26 cm (2 ft) wide.
J.C. Bakker & Sons






Sparkle & Shine floribunda rose

A rose with great clusters of flowers on a rounded bushy plant. Sparkle & Shine features brighter, longer-lasting yellow colour. The rose also provides bigger, moderately fragrant flowers, glossier foliage and handsome dark red new growth. Grows 39 cm and 29 cm wide.
J.C. Bakker & Sons