October 13, 2021

New Products October 2021


E88 compact excavator

Bobcat’s new R2 Series E88 compact excavator delivers a 14 per cent improvement in over-the-side lift capacity, compared to its predecessor. The E88 comes equipped with dual-flange track rollers, integrated counterweight, extra machine weight and added track on ground. The 8,900-kg excavator is powered by a new 65.4-hp Bobcat engine.


ToughSeries hand tools

DeWalt introduces its most durable line of hand tools yet. Designed for heavy-duty use, the new ToughSeries includes three tape measures, three hammers and two screwdriver sets. The new tape measures are designed to survive a 30-m drop, while the hammers deliver 10 times more corrosion resistance than previous models.


SRP strip light

Designed for outdoor living spaces, the new SRP Strip Light from FX Luminaire features a unique splice connector design that eliminates the need for heat shrink or adhesive. Each SRP Strip Light is available in 3.1-m lengths with 51-mm cutmarks for precision customization.

FX Luminaire

6000CM Combi Spreader

Designed for half-ton trucks and larger, Hilltip introduces the IceStriker 6000CM Combi Spreader — the largest Hilltip model available in North America. The Combi Spreader features a 4,500-litre capacity and a 30-cm pintle chain-driven unit. Combi spreaders are able to spread salt, sand and gravel, as well as transform into a liquid deicing sprayer.



Techniseal introduces StickyStone, a new professional-grade, vertical adhesive for hardscape installations and veneering applications on a wide range of substrates. The new quick-tack adhesive offers a strong initial grab strength, resists sagging and sustains exposure to UV rays and weathering effects. StickyStone is a low odour, low VOC single-component product.