August 2, 2023
New Products August 2023

 LT's roundup of the latest equipment, tools and supply releases for Canadian landscape professionals.



The rugged MVP 3™ V-plow gives you all the power, productivity and performance you need for commercial snow plowing. All models feature a clean-scraping 70-degree attack angle, and come with a standard 6” high-carbon steel cutting edge to reduce wear and extend the life of the blade. Each blade features independent trip-edge design with heavy-duty coil springs for protection when encountering bumps and obstacles. With extreme flared wings, up to 45”″ on the heavy-duty 10’ 6”″ model, and double-acting cylinders, Western Plow says the MVP 3 V-plow has earned its reputation as a reliable plow.

Western Plow


Stainless steel hoppers

The all-new TEMPEST™ stainless steel hoppers range in capacities from 0.35 cu. yd. to 5.0 cu. yd., and feature two material delivery system options. Choose from the HELIXX™ shaftless auger system for precise rock salt application or a pintle chain conveyor system for thick, heavy deicing materials. They’re built with corrosion-resistant stainless steel, ensuring longevity and durability. The Trilogy Defense System accessory can also be installed for the ability to spread, pre-wet and spray all with one hopper spreader.




Snow plow

The all-new SnowEx® POWER PUSHER™ plows come in 8’ and 10’ widths. A common carrier attachment system with a floating coupler allows compatibility with skid-steers, compact loaders and tractors. The patent-pending TRACE™ (terrain response advanced cutting edge) technology is made up of independent two-foot. sections that oscillate, move vertically and trip. The self-leveling side plates allow the TRACE cutting edge to contour to the plowable surface for maximum snow removal, down to the pavement.




Online product finder

Winter Equipment recently launched a new tool on their website that helps users find the right products and parts for their plows. The Product Finder allows customers to search by brand or plow type to discover more than 80 different commercial plows, including parts, for five of the most popular brands. The locator will include blade systems, plow guards, snow pusher shoes, accessories and hardware.


Winter Equipment


Mower deck

Steiner announced their newest attachment, the AirFX™ Mower Deck, an adjustable and easy-to-maintain mower deck available in 61” or 72” width sizes. The mower deck is engineered to handle a variety of turf types and can cut at varied heights between 1-5”. The attachment’s deep-deck bullnose design and patented Air-Gap™ baffle system creates a strong vacuum effect that helps lift the grass, providing a uniform quality of cut.





KIOTI Tractor announces the addition of the CK20 and DK20 Series models to its tractor lineup. Many of the new models incorporate new features for enhanced productivity, including LED headlights and updated steel hoods. An integrated joystick enables the operator to perform all loader functions with a single lever, and when combined with the optional third-function valve kit and attachments, unlocks additional capability.


KIOTI Tractor


Compact wheel loaders

John Deere’s new P-Tier compact wheel loaders will introduce new productivity-enhancing qualities, including standard ride control in base models and optional factory-installed features, including an auto-reversing fan option. Additional optional features include attachment assist controls, which include integrated electrical (three-pin) controls for attachments and combined creep control and throttle lock.


John Deere


Zero-Turn Mower

The Redmax CZTx platform was designed specifically for the commercial landscaper, with a focus on commercial engines, heavy duty pump and wheel motor combinations, cast iron components, heavy gauge steel decks and robust frames. Anti-vibration designs for the entire operator platform and full suspension seats will keep the operator comfortable all day on the roughest terrain. Available with a full line of accessories.




Battery-powered equipment

Kress announced its 40V and 60V lines of outdoor power equipment are now available at dealerships across Canada. Inspired by the commercial line, prosumer-grade trimmers, chainsaws, blowers, and mowers have been designed for those looking to achieve high-quality results with clean, quiet products. All Kress 40V and 60V prosumer products are equipped with Kress-built brushless motors and 20V Kross Pack lithium-ion batteries that allow for longer runtimes, fast recharging, and when combined, higher power output.




Battery-powered equipment AND charger

Husqvarna is launching its 525i Battery Series product line that features a powerful new string trimmer and two dedicated edgers, which are equipped with a Husqvarna E-Torq motor to meet the performance of 25cc petrol equivalents while exceeding them in torque. Husqvarna is also releasing an overnight charging rail that can charge up to eight batteries in parallel on one plug.