April 1, 2018

Permeable paving system

The new Aquastorm anti-flooding driveway paver from Techo-Bloc is designed for modern landscape designs and clients interested in green initiatives. Available in grey, the grid style pavers provide a linear look and are suitable for residential or light vehicular traffic.

Battery-powered mower

Dewalt unveils the 2x 20 volt Max brushless mower, which is powered by two 20 volt Max five amp-hour lithium ion batteries. The mower features a 20 inch metal deck to cut a large path, a folding handle for upright storage, and carrying handles for easy transportation. The mower also has the ability to either mulch, bag, or discharge grass clippings.

Space saver sprayer

Rittenhouse introduces the new 300 gallon Space Saver Sprayer, which is available in three different models: general sprayer, medium height tree sprayer, and high-performance tree sprayer. The 300 Gal. Space Saver Sprayer features the same quality construction as the 200 gallon model, but with extra capacity for improved efficiency.

8.5-ton excavator

Bobcat Company has expanded its R-Series excavator lineup with the new E85, the largest machine in the company’s compact excavator family. The 8.5-ton E85 now comes with a standard lift eye, which helps operators properly lift and place objects. The 13 inches of tail overhang allows the E85 to work in compact environments, including construction, landscaping, utilities and agriculture.

Large block wall system

Techo-Bloc’s new Skyscraper wall system provides the company’s largest wall blocks to date. The blocks weigh a half ton, which means they can be stacked without geo-grid reinforcement as high as desired without causing stability problems, according to Techo-Bloc.

Suspended platform zero-turn mower

Exmark launched a new suspended platform-equipped version of its Radius S-Series zero-turn riding mower. The new suspended platform uses three independent coil-over dampers to isolate the cast aluminum operator platform from the mower chassis. With the capability of three inches of vertical travel, the suspended platform minimizes the effect of bumps and vibration on the operator. Exmark’s trailing arm design minimizes lateral movement of the suspended platform to increase operator stability.

Perimeter wire machine

Rittenhouse introduces the new Perimeter Wire Machine, which can bury 600 metres of wire in one hour. The machine is designed for the installation of robotic lawnmower or invisible dog fence wiring. It is light-weight, compact, and can bury wire with a diameter of up to 4 mm to a depth of 4-6 cm.

Instant hedges

InstantHedge offers 13 varieties of ready-to-plant hedges, covering hardiness zones two to nine, heights of three to six feet, and full to partial sunlight requirements. Hedges currently ship in biodegradable cardboard boxes, with a plastic fabric pot version in development. In addition to the large hedges, they are also releasing an 18 inch boxwood hedge in fall 2018.

Pull-behind mower

Toro’s new Groundsmaster 1337 pull-behind rotary mower includes three contour-following cutting decks, each equipped with dual full rollers for enhanced after-cut appearance. The 12-foot (3.66 metre) width of cut, paired with simple height of cut adjustment from 0.5 to four-inches (1.3 to 10.1 cm).

Universal feeder

McCloskey recently added a high capacity, powerful and reliable universal feeder to its line-up. Designed for a wide variety of applications, the UF1200 comes with a standard tipping grid, and offers a number of options including vibrating grid, aggregate hopper, mulch hopper or shredder. The stockpile height at 24 degrees reaches four metres, making the feeder an efficient partner for stackers.

Circular saw blades

Milwaukee Tool introduces a range of new wood-cutting circular saw blades, as well as new solutions specifically designed for fiber cement. The new saw blades are engineered with anti-friction coating, which keeps the blade cool while cutting, and helps resist corrosion and gumming. Each blade is laser-cut from 100 per cent sheet steel to ensure a stable blade with increased cutting accuracy.
Milwaukee Tool