October 7, 2019

New perennials

Leucanthemum maximum Western Star

Shasta daisy 

Libra and Gemini join the Western Star series of Shasta daisy, which are notable for their uniformity and long flowering windows. 
Syngenta Flowers; Think Plants 





Nepeta hybrida Blue Prelude

Japanese cat mint

A new Japanese cat mint that will flower for months in the spring and summer. Attracts pollinators with its fragrant leaves. Blue Prelude features large blue flowers on a 
compact habit first year; second year, it will scale to three feet in the landscape. Hardiness zone 5a-9a
Darwin Perennials




Iberis sempervirens Snowdrift

Evergreen candytuft

Snowdrift is a true late-flowering evergreen candytuft with a compact habit.
Syngenta Flowers; Think Plants




Salvia nemorosa Salvatore Blue


This high-contrast salvia has black flower stems and deep purple calyx with deep blue flowers on long spikes. Cut back flower stems after flowering to encourage repeat blooming. Blooms Late Spring. Hardiness zones 4a-8b
Kieft Seed




Digitalis hybrida Arctic Fox Rose


This long-flowering hybrid foxglove is hardy in northern gardens. Plant in a sunny garden location or place on a sunny patio. Remove old flowers as they become unsightly to encourage fresh, new flowering shoots. Hardiness zones 5a-9a
Darwin Perennials




Erysimum linifolium Erysistible


The first ever zone five hardy wallflower, the Erysistible series includes: Yellow, Forte Magenta, Tricolor (shown), and Sunset. Hardiness zone 5
Syngenta Flowers; Think Plants




Dianthus x barbatus interspecific Rockin’ Pink Magic


Kieft Seed adds several new colours to its Rockin’ series of dianthus, including: Pink Magic (shown), Purple and Rose. Pink Magic opens white and matures to light pink, then deep pink. Hardiness zones 5a-8b
Kieft Seed




Heuchera Black Sea 

Coral bells

This shade and sun tolerant heuchera has attractive, shiny black foliage. Hardiness zone 4
Valleybrook (Ontario)




Primula veris Cabrillo Compact Yellow


New to the Cabrillo series, Compact Yellow is tidy, more compact, and earlier to flower. Hardiness zones 5-8
Syngenta Flowers; Think Plants




Lupinus Staircase 


The Staircase series is the first lupine to not only have no requirements on the number of hours of daylight to bloom, but they also rebloom all season until the night temperatures reach above 22 celcius. The series comes in red, yellow, blue, orange and pink. Hardiness zone 4
Green Fuse Botanicals; Willowbrook Nurseries




Allium x Serendipity

Ornamental onion

This sport of Millenium shares all of the qualities that made Millenium popular with the addition of glaucous blue foliage. Hardiness zones 4-8
Proven Winners; Walters Gardens




Andropogon gerardii Blackhawks 

Big bluestem

The foliage emerges deep green to dark purple in spring and deepens to near black by fall. Blackhawks provides height and colour to the garden. Hardiness zone 3
Hillen Nursery




Penstemon digitalis Dakota Burgundy 

Foxglove beardtongue 

Dakota Burgundy has glossy, purple-black leaves with lavender to violet flowers in June, which are attractive to hummingbirds. More compact than Dark Towers. Hardiness zone 3. 
Terra Nova Nurseries; Valleybrook (Ontario)




Erysimum linifolium Super Bowl Compact Purple XL


A compact version of the Super Bowl series, Compact Purple XL holds its shape in the landscape and is covered with loads of blooms. Hardiness zones 6-9
Syngenta Flowers; Think Plants




Hemerocallis EveryDaylily Punch Yellow 


This new daylily produces up to 400 two-toned pink and yellow blooms per season. Hardiness zone 3
Valleybrook (Ontario)




Sedum takesimense Atlantis


This new stonecrop’s leaves are dark green with very wide creamy yellow margins. Hardiness zone 4
Walters Gardens; Valleybrook (Ontario)




Echinacea purpurea Prairie Splendor Compact Dark Rose


This new addition to the Prairie Splendor series brings first-year flowering that begins up to three weeks earlier than traditional varieties. Hardiness zones 3-9
Syngenta Flowers




Aquilegia caerulea Kirigami


Willowbrook Nurseries is now growing the popular Kirigami series of columbine, introduced by Syngenta Flowers. Available in four different colour combinations. Hardiness zone 4
Syngenta Flowers; Willowbrook Nurseries




Hibiscus x Summerific Evening Rose 

Rose mallow

Evening Rose is a combination of hot pink flowers and near black foliage. Eight-inch puckered flowers cover the round, dense habit top to bottom. Hardiness zones 4-9
Proven Winners; Walters Gardens