January 15, 2012
New names added to industry certified list
A total of 38 names were added to the list of industry certified.
A total of 38 individuals have their names added to the list of industry certified, after they completed the qualification requirements in 2011.

Watch for a brochure mailed with this issue of Landscape Ontario magazine.

The following received their certification in 2011.

CLT: Steven Alexander, John Allison, Casey Anderson, Karinthia Battig, John Baxter, Michael Bellingham, Adam Booth, Derek Bradfield, Adam Braun, James Brydges, Edwin Buitrago, Evanne Casson, Brandon Fleury, Rob Gelineau, Martin Ince, Ryan Jones, Jay Ladell, Dan Lanthier, Sue Laurin, Todd Lynch, John McCollum, Jamie McMurray, Ryan O’Reilly, Joe Periera, Ricky Samyn, Richard Schives, John Spanninga, Fred Steiss, Victor Traicus, Dave Vickers, Richard Vos.

CLD: John Allison, Adele Courville, Tyler Spiers.

CLP: Rob Crysdale, Robert Chris Cumming, Brenda Luckhardt, Vincent Sequeira.

The next written certification testing opportunity is on Jan. 31 at Algonquin College, Ottawa.