October 12, 2021
New Gear for Grounds maintenance


Navimow, the first robotic mower from Segway, is able to tackle up to 3,000 square-metres of turf. Using an Exact Fusion Location System, the mower does not require perimeter wiring, while its ultrasonic sensor avoids obstacles, allowing the mower to run at higher speeds.


Pro-Turn EV

The Pro-Turn EV is the first all-day, electric commercial zero-turn mower from Gravely. The new mower is powered by a swappable lithium-ion battery that enables operators to cut up to 15.5 acres on a single charge.


Hurricane P2000 stand-on blower

The new Hurricane P2000 from Billy Goat is a compact stand-on blower designed for cleanup of turf or hard surfaces. Delivering 3,500 cfm, the blower is powered by an 18-hp twin Vanguard Engine that delivers maximum travel speeds up to 13 km/h.

Billy Goat

Club Car Current

The electric Club Car Current is designed to fill the gap between utility vehicles and full-size trucks. The EV has a 92-km range per charge, and a maximum travel speed of 56 km/h.

Club Car

T5000 spreader sprayer

Turfco’s T5000 spreader sprayer is the company’s largest applicator on the market. The T5000 is powered by a 22-hp engine and includes dual 113-litre tanks, 4 metres of spray and a granular capacity of 147 kg.


The Lawnmower Fender

The Lawnmower Fender attaches to all types of mowers to prevent damage to plants, shrubs and flowers from wheels and blades. The attachment lifts branches and stems to allow for a closer cut.

The Lawnmower Fender

36V Brushless Blower

Makita’s new 36V Brushless Blower provides improved balance and reduced weight. Equipped with a brushless motor, the blower delivers 622 cfm. The tool is part of the Connector Series, which utilizes an external battery connection.