October 17, 2018

New edibles

Cucurbita moschata Butterbaby
Butternut squash

Produces an abundance of sweet, personal-size fruit
with classic light tan skin colour. Fruit has excellent
storage quality and will last many months after harvest.
Restricted vines will not take over your garden and resistance
to powdery mildew will improve your harvest of high-quality fruit.
PanAmerican Seed

Capsicum chinense
Primero Red

Habanero pepper

Primero Red is the earliest ripening habanero you can grow, with fruit ready to harvest and enjoy as early as bell peppers. Gardeners can appreciate their rich flavour in fresh salsa and cooking.
PanAmerican Seed


Capsicum annuum 
Snackabelle Red
Sweet pepper

Mini-bell pepper ripens from green to deep red. Perfect eating at any stage of ripeness.
Thick fruit walls and rich, sweet flavour make Snackabelle Red
great for cooking or snacking. Great for in-ground or medium containers.
PanAmerican Seed