October 4, 2019

New annuals 2019

Calibrachoa Cabaret Good Night Kiss

Million bells

Ball FloraPlant introduces several new varieties to its Cabaret series, including Good Night Kiss, which features a novel pattern with a star centre. Plants are well-branched with full centres, well-suited for hanging baskets.
Ball Floraplant





Angelonia angustifolia Serena Rose


A new colour segment for the Serena series, this snapdragon’s dense spikes feature large florets with a deep rose bloom and a dark eye. Serena Rose maintains its intense, deep colour in high light and high heat environments.
PanAmerican Seed




Helianthus Suncredible Yellow 


Blooming continuously from summer through fall on large, uniform, well-branched plants, this vigorous multiflora sunflower makes an outstanding focal point in containers and landscapes.
Proven Winners




Begonia x hiemalis Betulia begonia

Regier begonia

Betulia begonias are self-cleaning, keeping their surroundings neat and tidy (no need to remove spent blooms). Its naturally strong and compact habit is perfect for colour bowls and small garden spaces. Available in Bright Pink, Candy Pink (shown), 
Light Pink, and Red. 
Ball Ingenuity




Dahlia pinnata Venti
Garden dahlia

Venti dahlia’s are uniform, vigorous double-flower plants that include: Golden Yellow, Tequila Sunrise (shown), Lemon, Passion Fruit, Pink + White Eye, Royal Purple, White and Light Rose. 
Selecta One




Nemesia x hybrida SunGlow 

The new SunGlow nemesia series feature fragrant, delicate flowers that bloom from early spring to summer, and offer great heat tolerance. Available in Red (shown), Dark Purple, and Purple Bicolor.
Ball Ingenuity




Impatiens walleriana Beacon


The new Beacon series offers reliable season-long colour in the shade. Available in Bright Red, Violet Shades, Salmon, Coral (shown), Orange, White, Red White Mix and Select Mix. 
PanAmerican Seed




Petunia x hybrida Midnight Gold

Petunia hybrid

Midnight Gold is a basket-loving petunia with huge double flowers in a unique, first-of-its-kind novelty colour. 
BallFlora Plant




Osteospermum ecklonis Akila Sunset Shades

African daisy 

Great  for mass plantings and containers, these full, well-branched African daisies show off beautiful flowers. This new multicolour segregating mix includes popular colours like yellow, magicians and rose-reds, plus salmon, apricot and orange shades. 
PanAmerican Seed




Petunia Wave Carmine Velour

Spreading petunia

Carmine Velour is a vivid, hot carmine-cherry colour and its group is the lowest growing in the Wave family. These spreading petunias are suited for garden beds, baskets, planters and window boxes. 




Bidens Campfire Flame 


Replacing Campfire Fireburst in the Proven Winners lineup, Flame is a vigorous, heat tolerant beggartick with fiery orange flowers with subtle yellow eyes. 
Proven Winners




Begonia x tuberhybrida Scentiment Sunrise

Tuberous begonia

The Begonia Scentiment series from Dummen Orange flaunts large, unique, fragrant flowers. The series includes Sunrise (pictured) and Just Peachy. 
Dummen Orange




Gaillardia Heat It Up Scarlet

Blanket flower

Heat It Up Scarlet produces bouquets of orange-red flowers with slight yellow tips. It is extremely long blooming, lasting long into the fall, even in hot, humid climates. The Heat It series also includes the cultivar Yellow.
Proven Winners




Viola x wittrockiana Cool Wave Strawberry Swirl

Spreading pansy

There are two new colours in the Cool Wave series for 2020: Raspberry Swirl and Strawberry Swirl (shown). Plant for at least six hours of full sun and feed regularly in spring to promote lush, vigorous growth and continued blooming.




Osteospermum ecklonis Zion Purple Sun

African daisy

Selecta One added several new colours to its Zion African daisy series, including: Purple Sun, Morning Sun and Magic Yellow. The large, impressive flowers make it a great focus plant. Cut back in late summer to encourage re-blooming and improve habit.
Selecta One




Salvia guarantica Rockin’ Blue Suede Shoes


Large, crisp blue flowers held by black calyxes are produced above the foliage, attracting all sorts of pollinators from spring through fall. 
Proven Winners




Begonia boliviensis Bossa Nova Night Fever Papaya


New to the Bossa Nova series, Night Fever Papaya excels in both sun or shade and has dark, grey-green foliage and burnt orange blooms.
Syngenta Flowers




Calibrachoa MiniFamous Neo Double OrangeTastic

Mini petunia 

Selecta introduces a wide range of new colours in single and double blooms in its MiniFamous Neo series. These calibrachoas are self-cleaning, so they stay neat and tidy all season. New colours include: Dark Blue, Deep Orange, Double Dark Blue, Double Deep Yellow, Double Orangetastic (shown), Violet Ice and more. 
Selecta One




Dahlia x hybrida Dahlegria 


Syngenta adds two new cultivars to the Dahlegria line: Apricot Tricolor and Pink Flame (shown). Each new dahlia produces large, colourful single-flowers and dark, almost-black foliage. 
Syngenta Flowers




Pelargonium x hortorum Galaxy

Zonal geranium 

Galaxy produces mounded plants that are vigorous enough to keep their large, semi-double blooms all season in large containers and landscapes. Available in Dark Red, Pink, Purple, Red,Salmon, Violet, Watermelon, and White (shown).
Ball FloraPlant




Impatiens x hybrida SunPatiens

New Guinea impatiens

Sakata introduces two new cultivars to the SunPatiens series: Compact Orchid Blush and Vigorous Lavender Splash (shown).




Pentas lanceolata Sunstar

Egyptian starflower

Sunstar pentas produce extra large flower clusters, nearly the size of hydrangea blooms, on top of well-branched plants. Cultivars include Rose, Pink (shown), Lavender and Red. 
Proven Winners