November 1, 2015

New annuals 2016

Asclepias PPAF

Monarch Promise milkweed

This Asclepias has green and white variegated foliage that is tinged with red, orange and pink tips of the leaves. The bright orange-red flower attracts Monarch butterflies and many other species of butterflies, bees and hummingbirds. Flowers have average water needs, average fertilizer feed and require full sun to part shade. This plant is a very important introduction and hoped will raise awareness about monarch butterflies and will inspire consumers to get involved in butterfly gardening. Hardy to Zone 11-12. Grows to 60-75 cm (24-30 in.) tall and 30-39 cm (12-15 in.) wide.
Hort Couture





Begonia boliviensis

Santa Cruz ‘San Francisco’ begonia

Begonia Santa Cruz has been very popular with landscapers because of its incredible weather tolerance. This year Benary introduced a new colour that is just easy to grow and weather tolerant called Begonia San Francisco. This begonia has even larger, warm salmon-pink flowers.






Superbells ‘Garden Rose’ calibrachoa

The groundbreaking Superbells Garden Rose is the first in a new line of calibrachoa bred for landscape use rather than containers. It is extremely vigorous and blooms all summer without deadheading. It exhibits outstanding heat and humidity tolerance and has been screened specifically for resistance to Thielaviopsis. Watch for additional colours to come in the future. Covers 61-91 cm (2-3 ft) of ground.
Proven Winners






Dragon’s Breath celosia

Sakata’s Dragon’s Breath celosia made its debut at this year’s California Spring Trials and visitors admired its unique combination of green-red foliage and blazing-red, long-lasting flowers. Dragon’s Breath is great in containers, beds and large landscapes. This celosia exhibits even more red foliage and flowers under adverse conditions like heat, humidity and infrequent watering.






Senorita Mi Amor cleome

The soft pink blooms are quite a contrast to the dark lilac pink blooms of her sister, Senorita Rosalita, but that is where the differences end. Gardeners can expect the same vigour and performance as Senorita Rosalita, with this heat and drought tolerant plant that is thornless, non-sticky and odorless. Best in full sun. Grows to 60-125 cm (24-48 in.), with a spread of 46-61 cm (18-24 in.).

Proven Winners





Euphorbia graminea

Glamour euphorbia

The first landscape euphorbia from seed, Glamour is vigorous, resilient and durable from the start. It gives pro landscapers a reliable and ready-to-go option. Holds well in the resale yard and at retail for less loss and less shrink. Glamour fills in fast to make a soft “hedge” in mass plantings, mixes well with other vigorous flowering annuals, and shines in large cityscape containers.
Ball Horticultural Company, Pan American Seed






Budacious ‘Radiant Red,’ ‘Outrageous Orange,’ ‘Prismatic Purple’ gomphrena

A new series boasting three new colours, Budacious gomphrena can be used in container combinations, as cut flowers and in the landscape. They are heat and drought tolerant and are great for use in full sun. Flowers have low to average water needs, low to average fertilizer feed and require full sun. Hardy to Zone 10-11. Grows to 61-76 cm (24-30 in.) tall and 20-25 cm (8-10 in.) wide.
Hort Couture





Hibiscus H2 USPPAF

Tradewinds ‘Bali Sunrise’ hibiscus

A first for the Tradewinds brand – double flowers. Showy 11-13 cm (4.5 to 5 in.) orange blooms accented with red tone. Each bloom is unique as buds unfurl into stunning, fluffy flowers, while strong stems hold flowers upright. The hibiscus features superior branching and high bud count for abundant flowering. The tidy, compact plant habit with glossy green foliage is perfect for containers or in the landscape.
Aris Horticulture






SunPatiens ‘Spreading’ impatiens

SunPatiens Spreading welcomes three colours to the eleven-colour collection: Clear Orange, Lavender and Tropical Orange. The new colours bring more diversity to the collection and are excellent for mixes. Clear Orange and Lavender produce an array of vibrant blooms with dark green foliage, while Tropical Orange offers the same flower vibrancy along with variegated foliage.






Luscious ‘Pinkberry Blend’ lantana

This impressively vigorous, landscape-sized Lantana forms a mounding then trailing mass of dark green foliage dotted with pretty pink and light yellow bicolour blooms all season with minimal seed set. Use it as a groundcover, in mono pots, or in large containers with other very vigorous plants. Provide high light and warm conditions for best growth. Full sun. Grows 50-60 cm (20-24 in.) tall with a 60-90 cm (24-36 in.) spread.
Proven Winners





Petunia x hybrida

Petunia ‘Easy Wave’ Yellow

An elegant colour for the versatile Easy Wave spreading petunia series. Easy Wave Yellow blooms full with slight veining. Its strong rooting and more branching offers better performance compared to vegetative yellow petunias. Perfect for hanging baskets and landscape beds.
Ball Horticultural Company, Wave





Salvia guarantica

Salvia ‘Black & Bloom’

Black & Bloom salvia delivers thicker leaves, larger blooms and darker stems. It has an eye-catching flower form; great for mid-border colour with continuous flowers from spring to frost. It’s a “tough as nails” performer thriving in heat, drought and humidity. This salvia is low-maintenance care and attracts hummingbirds.
Ball Horticultural Company, Ball FloraPlant






Proud Mari marigold

The Proud Mari marigold series provides fully double flowers that have a uniform bloom time and height across all three vibrant colours. Plus, their thick, sturdy stems provide the extra support needed to withstand the stress of the elements and hold beautifully in the landscape.





Verbena bonariensis

Meteor Shower ‘Lilac’ verbena

Meteor Shower Lilac’s denser, more vigorous growth habit equals more manageable and attractive plants in the landscape. The plants set little seed and won’t become invasive like most verbenas of this type. Best in full sun. Heat and drought tolerant and deer resistant. Grows 75-90 cm (30-36 in.) with a spread of 30-40 cm (12-16 in.).
Proven Winners