November 1, 2015

New perennials 2016

Clematis 'Bernadine'

Bernadine Boulevard clematis

A new Boulevard clematis in the Raymond Evison collection. Bernadine is an exceptional plant for small gardens or in containers. Soft silvery-lilac flowers from late spring through early fall. Ideal for brightening up an outdoor dining area. Hardy to Zone 4. Grows to 90-120 cm.





Coreopsis 'Charlize'

Charlize Leading Lady coreopsis

The Coreopsis Leading Lady series is named for three of Hollywood’s most famous starlets: Charlize Theron, Lauren Bacall and Sophia Loren. Pictured here is ‘Charlize’ with large, clear yellow, double pom-pom flowers, appearing early in the season and flowering all summer. Mildew resistant. Hardy to Zone 4.





Dianthus Star 'Superstar'

Superstar Pinks dianthus

Has elegant art deco patterned blooms, cherry red with white-pink patterns and a deep cherry eye, carried on sturdy stems. fragrant, double art deco patterned blooms. Repeat blooming. Glaucous foliage with unique, dense, mounding habit. No vernalization required for blooming. Hardy to Zone 5.
Willowbrook Nurseries





Echinacea x hybrida 'Baja Burgundy'

Baja Burgundy Sombrero echinacea

This echinacea is part of the Sombrero series. Baja Burgundy features showy, large, fragrant blooms with intense burgundy, overlapping petals. Attractive to butterflies and deer-resistant. Very floriferous and Hardy to Zone 5.





Hemerocallis 'Shy Tiger'

Shy Tiger daylily

This beautiful summer bloomer daylily has fragrant flowers, tangerine orange, slightly wavy petals edged salmon with a bright yellow heart. Exposure is full sun to partial shade. Prefers well drained soil. Water regularly in the first part of the season to have larger flowers when blooming.
Willowbrook Nurseries





Heuchera 'Red Lightning'

Red Lightning coral bells

Red Lightning has a mounding habit and fast growth rate. This perennial has electrifying dark red veins that spark over huge gold leaves, with color that holds well throughout the season. ‘Red Lightning’ is “villosa-strong” and draws attention from across the garden. These coral bells work well in borders, mass planting, accents, mixed beds, or mixed containers. It is also a butterfly and hummingbird attractor.
Terra Nova Nurseries





Heuchera 'Sunrise'

Sunrise coral bells

The Sunrise coral bells have large orange foliage which fades to a rich yellow-orange. The white flowers bloom in summer. It is ideal for the front of a border and also suitable for container planting. Exposure is best in full sun or part shade in a fertile well-draining soil. Hardy to Zone 9. Grows to 40 cm with a spread of 60 cm.
Willowbrook Nurseries





Hosta 'Island Breeze'

Island Breeze hosta

Hosta ‘Island Breeze’ is a sport of H. ‘Paradise Island’ and is an improvement in variegation with wider dark green margins and better vigour. If grown in more sun, the bright yellow centres become light yellow in summer, or chartreuse if grown in heavy shade. Hardy to Zone 3. Grows 30 cm tall.





Hosta 'Velvet Moon'

Velvet Moon Plantain Lily hosta

This vigorous grower is a Hans Hansen tetraploid version of the popular Hosta ‘Abiqua Moonbeam.’ The 91 cm (3 ft) wide clump is composed of round, dark green leaves, highlighted with a very wide border of gold. In midsummer, the clumps are topped with 61 cm (2 ft) tall scapes of light lavender flowers. Medium growth and shade exposure. Grows 60-70 cm tall.
Willowbrook Nurseries





Leucanthemum x superbum

Spellbook Lumos leucanthemum

Lumos lightens up any garden with its non-fading, yellow flowers. Growing in full sun, it is small in stature with a strong and sturdy habit. Super floriferous, blooming from mid spring through summer. These re-blooming beauties are fantastic for cool season combinations. Hardy to Zone 5. Grows 30 cm tall.





Paeonia lactiflora 'Sea Shell'

Sea Shell peony

Shell pink, highly fragrant blossoms open with large orange centers. Tall graceful plant with lighter flowers rarely requires staking. Retains rich-green foliage quality late in the season. Excellent for beds, borders and foundation planting. Herbaceous. Fast grower that blooms in mid-spring prefers full sun exposure. Grows to 76-91 cm (30-36 in.) tall and 61-91 cm (24-36 in.) wide.
Willowbrook Nurseries





Panicum virgatum 'Hot Rod'

Hot Rod virgatum

The earliest purple color on any perennial grass we have seen. Foliage starts blue-green and develops burgundy tips early, turning fully burgundy during the summer. The attractive airy seed heads are burgundy too, and start appearing as early as July. Drought and salt tolerant plant is native and deer resistant. Cut some for dried bouquets, then leave the seed heads on during the winter for the wildlife to enjoy. Cut the whole plant back in March before new growth appears. Good for beds and borders, the plant enjoys full or part sun and blooms in summer. Hardy to Zone 4-10. Grows 91-106 cm (3-4 ft) tall and 61-76 cm (24-30 in.) wide.
Willowbrook Nurseries





Veronica austriaca'Blue'

Venice Blue austrica

Rich, bright blue flower spikes, the largest in its class, are short but multifloral. Flowering in spring, it prefers full sun and is heat tolerant once established. Easy to grow with toothy, bright green foliage. Hardy to Zone 5. Grows 30 cm tall.