April 15, 2015
The Ontario government has announced that the province’s minimum wage will increase on Oct. 1 to $11.25 an hour from $11.

When making the announcement, Labour Minister Kevin Flynn said, “Our government has taken politics out of minimum wage increases while ensuring wages for Ontario workers keep pace with inflation and businesses have time to prepare for payroll changes.”

“This puts more money in people’s pockets, gives our businesses predictability and helps build a more prosperous economy, while ensuring a fair society for all.”

Workers in the food, retail and agricultural industries are the main beneficiaries when the minimum wage goes up.

Ontario is currently tied with Nunavut for the highest minimum wage in Canada.

Ontario raised the minimum rate last year on June 1, to $11 an hour from $10.25.

The student minimum wage will increase in October to $10.55 an hour from the current $10.30 an hour.