November 15, 2011
Mike Wasilewski
Mike Wasilewski

Graphic designer

What is your job description at LO?

I am the graphic designer. I help produce Landscape Ontario (formerly Horticulture Review), along with various print and web-based media items. I also help maintain and facilitate advertising production.

What is your background before coming to LO, and when did you begin work at LO?

I was a student at Sheridan College, where I received my certification in art. I studied graphic design at York University for one year, finishing my post secondary at University of Toronto, where I received my HBA. I went through a couple of internships before finally settling with LO in September of 2008. While attending school, I worked as a landscaper for roughly seven years, so I think that helped solidify my position at LO.

When not at work, where can you be found?

I’m a gym rat, a rink rat, and a homebody. After work, you can find me at the gym, one of my favourite hobbies. Having been born and raised in this country, I always found there were two important rules for being a Canadian: maple syrup is king and hockey is everything! Ever since I was five years old, and my dad laced-up my first pair of skates, you couldn’t keep me off the ice. To this day, you still can’t. I guess that’s why winter’s my favourite season (I always get dirty looks for saying that). Other than that, I’m usually enjoying the comforts of my home where I spend time in my man-cave watching movies or hanging out with friends and family.  

When you were a child, what did you want to be when you grew up?

Out of the numerous phases I went through as a kid, I always wanted to be a comic book artist. When I was younger, comics were my inspiration. When I began my high school years, I found out I could make a career from art and figured my best bet was graphic design, considering the comic book industry was really difficult to get into at the time.

What inspires you during your time at LO?

Working with the great staff at LO and talking to the enormous group of volunteers. It’s unbelievable how an industry such as ours, knowing the lifestyle of landscapers, designers, growers, etc., can still be able to set aside time from their busy schedules to help out LO. The industry is just incredible.

Name your all-time favourite movie, musical group and TV show.

I love this question. I am a huge movie and music buff, so it’s really hard to pinpoint one for each. My favourite movies are John Carpenter’s The Thing and Cameron Crowe’s Almost Famous.

I love rock music; everyone from Led Zeppelin to Queens of the Stone Age, but one band has always stood out from the rest: Tool.

TV show would be Firefly. It was cancelled prematurely, which was sad (How can you not like a western in space?). The show had such a large fan-base that it spawned a movie, Serenity, which was also great.

If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go?

The U.K. I want to explore castles.

Tell us one thing about you that few of your colleagues know about you.

Years ago when I played hockey for York University, I received an invitation to play pro hockey in Europe, but never accepted the offer. Having a career in hockey was never my goal, as I wanted to stay in school and focus on my studies. Although, at times I somewhat regret not taking the opportunity. In the end, I think (hope) I made the right decision.