June 15, 2013
MGS Horticultural, a supplier of fertilizers, pest control products, seeds and substrates in North America, together with Haifa Chemicals, a global supplier of potassium nitrate for agriculture and industry, specialty plant nutrients and food phosphates, announced in late April plans to purchase Plant Products.  

The deal closes June 21.

Plant Products is a member of Landscape Ontario and Canada’s largest supplier of fertilizer and pesticides in the specialty horticulture market.

MGS plans to use both names (MGS Horticultural and Plant Products) in all communications going forward. MGS has said it will maintain locations in Leamington, Brampton, Laval, Que.; St. Hyacinthe, Que.; and Detroit, Mich.
Chris Stickles, CEO of MGS, said, “MGS is excited to have many talented individuals join our team. Plant Products staff will bring years of knowledge and experience to our growing company. We look forward to maintaining and enhancing relationships with the customers, suppliers, and strategic dealers of Plant Products.”

Haifa will acquire Plant Products’ high-performance complementary fertilizers including the Plant-Prod  and Plantex lines of solubles and the Acer controlled-release fertilizer line.  All the acquired business will be merged into Haifa group as a new company operating under the name of Master Plant-Prod. Haifa will also acquire the blending facility in Brampton.