April 15, 2009
A big thank you goes to all the dedicated and hard working individuals who helped to make the Landscape Ontario’s feature garden at Canada Blooms, Green for Life, such a great success.

From the builders who worked long and dirty hours, to the people staffing the busy garden display during the event, to the tireless workers helping take it all apart again and put it away.

Volunteers: Garden Creations of Ottawa, Tim Kearney and his staff: Jeff Scott, Stephanie Scott, Ryan Kearney, Tim O’Brien, Jason Robinson, Tim Scullion, Lynda Blackburn, Nathan Armstrong, Lindsay Ross, Todd Pugh, Chris Kuhn, Cynthia Burns, Ryan Kelly, Will Loudon.

Sponsors: Sonja Hirsig, Norm Mills, Diana Cassidy-Bush, Rob Windle, Adam Hellyer, Marianne Schmitz, Rohan Harrison, Walter Hasselman, Neil Bouma, Elaine Bouma, Paul DeGroot, Michael LaPorte, Cory Hendricks, Pam McCormick, Natalie Hunt, Dennis DelVecchio, Nick Solty, Terry Kowalski, Fiona Penn Zieba, Mark Poloniato, George Urvari, Natallie Hunt, Kim Hendriks.

Donors: Bosman Homefront, Camilla House Import, Connon Nurseries, NVK Holdings, Fossil Landscapes, Humber College Apprentice Program, Kemptville College Apprenticeship Program, Moonstruck Landscape Lighting, PAO Associates, Permacon Group, RJ Rogers Landscaping, University of Guelph Trial Gardens.

Apprenticeship Students: Simon Barnes, Adam Bonin, Nadia Cantelmo, Lisa Cassidy, Sabryna Curran, Adrian Foekens, James Groenwold, Adam Henderson, Sherri Hornsey, Jordan Hulzebosch, Colin Johnston, Ryan Judd, David Juhasz, Jeremy Lahie, Cesar Silva, Greg Sullivan, Andel Van, Robert Veevers

Also, a big thank you goes to everyone who contributed to all of the other various Landscape Ontario displays, as well as LO and Canada Blooms staff.