April 2015

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MP introduces legislation to cover irrigation

The House of Commons to amend the Canada Water Act to authorize the federal government to play a lead role in promoting the optimum use of water resources in Canada.

Landscape architecture conference comes to Toronto

The Cultural Landscape Foundation to be held May 21-23 at several Toronto venues.

Niagara Falls recognized at garden conference

The City of Niagara Falls received the prestigious Garden Destination of the Year Award at the Garden Tourism Conference on Mar. 17 in Toronto.

Minimum wage going up Oct. 1

The Ontario government has announced that the province’s minimum wage will increase on Oct. 1 to $11.25 an hour from $11.

Wage data released

CNLA in partnership with Landscape Ontario collected relevant wage rate data to provide industry-driven Labour Market Information.

Study shows EAB also attacking white fringetrees

Researchers at Wright State University in Ohio reported that the emerald ash borer had attacked white fringetrees.

CFIA announces horticulture plant list

The CFIA is implementing a new approach to issuing import permits for commonly traded plants intended for planting and propagation.

Grey to Green Conference in June 2015

Green Roofs for Healthy Cities will present The Grey to Green Conference on June 1 and 2 in Toronto.

Milkweed Highway to help Monarchs

The Milkweed Highway is a project to feed and nurture vast numbers of Monarch butterflies, which are in a dramatic and steep decline in numbers.