October 15, 2014
The 2014 LO Safety Report Card contains some unusual data.

The lost time injury rate skyrocketed this year from .65 days per short-term injury in 2013, to 2.48 days half-way through 2014.  At the same time, injury severity is trending better than 2013.

“There are some interesting trends to the category of common injuries,” says LO Manager of Labour and Education Development, Sally Harvey CLP, CLT. “Finger tip amputations are new for us, and suggest a need for improved guarding and more care and caution taken when operating equipment to prevent such a critical injury.”

Harvey feels that workers and employers must ensure that employees are well trained on the safe operation of equipment. She suggests that employees review half-way through the season. “Brushing up is a good practice. We all need reminding.”

Lost time report card

For LO Safety Group members, work time losses due to accidents beat the agriculture industry as whole. Better yet, long-term time loss rates are improving.
short term time loss rates bar graph
long term time loss rates bar graph

A continuing challenge in the industry is the list of sprains, strains and tears. “The problem may be perhaps due to the intensity of what we do. It suggests the need to review safe lifting and movement to ensure that these injuries are prevented.”

Harvey suggested improved housekeeping will help prevent injuries caused by stepping on objects.

The report uses data from 19 LO firms.