June 15, 2013
Ed Holder, Member of Parliament for London West, announced in early May funding from the EcoAction Community Funding Program of $55,000 over three years to support local action to protect wildlife and natural habitat.

“ReForest London has as its goal to plant one million trees in our City of London, the Forest City,” said MP Holder. Landscape Ontario London  Chapter has worked with ReForest London.

EcoAction Community Funding supports community groups willing to take action through on-the-ground environmental projects.

As part of this project, community volunteers will improve woodland areas and wildlife habitat by planting native trees and shrubs that will improve 2.5 hectares of land at public parks and natural areas across London. These activities will be done with the help of at least 500 volunteers, who will be trained in effective tree planting techniques. The volunteers will also learn about the value of trees to local ecosystems and to human and environmental health.

“We are thrilled with the funding from Environment Canada to plant 3,500 trees and shrubs in 10 London parks. We’ll work with Londoners who care to green our community and contribute to London’s Million Tree Challenge,” said Julie Ryan, director of programs for ReForest London.