January 13, 2020
London Chapter February Meeting
The Communication 'Toolbox'  
12:00 p.m.
1:00 p.m.
Meeting beings
2 free lunches per company
$25 for additional lunches

The Communication “Toolbox”: Strategies for Communicating Effectively, Assertively and Clearly!
The last thing you want is a break down in communication and a misunderstanding on a project to job site. That leads to delays on completing a job, cost overruns, a customer who isn’t impressed and hit to your company’s reputation. Michael Lewis' presentation is all about the benefits of implementing really effective communication and when it happens and everyone is on the same page, it has a positive impact on the customer service and your company’s bottom line. Ultimately, it is great communication leads to higher standards, professionalism, greater profitability, better on-site morale and employee retention!


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