December 17, 2019
Dear MPP _________________,

My name is ______________ and I run a local Snow and Ice Management business in your area. We are in the midst of an insurance crisis that will eventually affect the health and safety of your constituents. If I cannot get insurance or if insurance rates are so high that I can't stay in business, who will keep properties safe and accessible?

Insurance companies are getting out of the Snow and Ice sector because of very high slip and fall claims. It does not help when the public is daily encouraged by Personal Injury Legal Firms to bring forward lawsuits. The constant messages of "you don't pay unless we are successful" are having a huge impact.

MPP Norm Miller has put forward a Private Member's Bill - Bill 118 (link below). Its' aim is to reduce the Statute of Limitations from two years to 10 days. This matches that limitations currently in force on public property.

Here is a link to an article in Canadian Underwriter magazine that describes the issue:

Here us a link to Bill 118

Please support Bill 118. Our livelihood and public Safety depends on it.
(your name)