October 15, 2019
The federal and provincial government recently announced nearly $240,000 in cost-share funding aimed at improving Ontario soil health through the Canadian Agricultural Partnership. The funds will also support research that will help to reduce phosphorous entering waterways.

The announcement was made Sept. 10 by the Honourable Marie-Claude Bibeau, federal Minister of Agriculture and Agri-Food, and Ernie Hardeman, Ontario’s Minister of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs.

Landscape Ontario will receive $148,040 to evaluate the impact of current cultivation practices, and test new and existing organic amendments, to improve soil health.

“Our Government is investing in cutting-edge technology and research that help Canadian farmers adopt greener practices, including soil protection,” said Bibeau. “This commitment to sustainable solutions will help the industry as a whole continue to grow and prosper in the long term.”

“We’re committed to implementing systems and technology to protect the province’s soil and water. This research will help develop the latest techniques and knowledge in managing soil health across the province,” said Hardeman.

Keith Currie, President of the Ontario Federation of Agriculture and Co-Chair of Environmental Collaboration Ontario, commented, “Our livelihoods depend on healthy soil and clean water; protecting the environment in which we live and work is a critical priority for our sector.”