February 11, 2021
Landscape Ontario Labour Assessment Webinars

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LOLA has three key objectives:

1. Characterization of the ornamental nursery sector
2. Development of an online framework for assessing on-farm labour and COVID-19 risks
3. Development of other educational tools and resources on Innovative Technologies and Management Practices

Watch the LOLA Webinars

LOLA Webinar #1

The first in a series of webinars for LO nursery producers, we introduce you to two key contacts that can assist you with Health & Safety resources and responding to COVID-19 concerns at the workplace. This is a live presentation, with an opportunity to ask questions!
Event date: February 16, 2021, 3-4pm (just before the OMAFRA Nursery Communications call)

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LOLA Webinar #2a
Lean Management

March 12 at 12 pm

For this LOLA topic presented to LO nursery growers, we are planning a two-part webinar. On March 12th at noon, we will introduce the concepts behind Lean Management through a real-time presentation by FlowVision®. For the second part, we will share case studies from on-farm examples of Lean Management at nurseries. In this pre-recorded session on March 26th, we bring you another Lean consultant, PetersCo, and Dave Van Belle from Van Belle Nursery that provide insight on implementing LEAN on-farm. 

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LOLA Webinar #2b
Growing Lean in your business: What you need to know

Are you considering Lean for your business? Studies show that most companies who attempt some type of Lean initiative will begin strong, then fall back to the old ways of doing business. In this webinar, we interview Rick and Elizabeth Peters, whose approach to Lean has helped dozens of nursery businesses launch and sustain their Lean deployment over the long term. They discuss the process, what’s involved, and the key leadership factors required for building a successful Lean company. If you want to start on the right track with Lean--and continually improve over the long term, watch this compelling interview and Q&A session.  

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LOLA Webinar #2c
Lean Management Case Studies

Part three of our LEAN Management series includes case studies from two farms: an overview of the adoption of LEAN Management by John Lewis and his team at JLPN, followed by an interview with Dave Van Belle from Van Belle Nurseries, BC. These in-depth interviews explore the personal experiences by both owners and employees as they work through their LEAN Management journey.

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LOLA Webinar #3
Automation Opportunities at Vineland Research and Innovation Centre

As part of Landscape Ontario Labour Assessment Seminar Series, Hussam Haroun, Program Leader & Director of the Automation Group at Vineland Research and Innovation Centre will present “Introduction to Automation in Horticulture,” where he will be introducing the high-level opportunities that exist for making use of automation in horticulture, and also talk about the common challenges encountered when developing and deploying automation solutions.

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