January 1, 2017
J. Paul Lamarche
J. Paul Lamarche

Lamarche retires

After 30 years serving the horticulture industry, J. Paul Lamarche of JPL Consulting has announced his retirement. Lamarche worked with business management clients across Canada and the U.S., always as a strong advocate for proper estimating and overhead recovery. He also wrote several books on financial management and retail. In addition, Lamarche developed service industry software for budgeting, fleet cost management and estimating.

As a thank-you gesture to the industry, Lamarche has enabled free download of his software at www.jplbiz.ca. Technical support is no longer available, but registration is not required and the software will never expire. Lamarche says, “This is my gift to all, for your encouragement and support over the years. These past 30 years have indeed been fulfilling and rewarding, especially in meeting so many wonderful people.”