August 15, 2011
John Higo
John Higo

Landscape lighting sales, Turf Care Products Canada, chair Lighting Sector Group, LO board of directors.

This issue features John Higo, who has been involved in the landscape lighting business since 1999 with Turf Care Products Canada. In that time, he has held volunteer positions with the Illuminating Engineering Society and Landscape Ontario. He has also conducted numerous speaking engagements at industry events and teaches at local colleges.

He was also a member of the Canada Blooms Garden Build Team this year and one of the organizers of the first-ever lighting symposium at Landscape Ontario, which attracted a capacity attendance.

What inspired you to join Landscape Ontario?

A desire to help develop and promote the professionalism in our industry, coupled with a sense of community. I believe that many heads are better than one, and many voices...louder.

Where do you volunteer within the association?

I currently serve as the chair and provincial board representative of the Lighting Sector Group.

Do you have a favourite memory during your volunteer experience?

So many, but I would say the most rewarding for me to date has been the involvement with the Make-a-wish Foundation on a couple of projects. The overwhelming feeling of support and community when you see what can be accomplished by volunteering and donations, and the humbling experience of working for young people who are infinitely stronger and braver than you could imagine being.

What benefit do you receive from volunteering?

The comradeship of my peers, a hint of a sense of altruism, and the joy of being able to give just a little back to an industry that has allowed me to make a living and take care of my family.

What suggestions do you have to improve the association?

I don’t know about an improvement, but I would love if more people knew about the power of connection and networking that the association offers. The most common question I am asked by people considering joining is, “What are the benefits?” It is the intangible benefits that are hardest to quantify. We should sing them from the rooftops...perhaps this article will.

Do you perform other volunteer work outside of Landscape Ontario?

Yes, I serve on the landscape lighting committee for the Illuminating Engineering Society, and am helping to write a Recommended Practices document with them. I contribute when I can to Fair Vote Canada, and I also volunteer with a local soccer league.