May 4, 2021
Jeff McNeill

Photographer Spotlight

Jeff McNeill

McNeill Photography

Toronto, Ont.

The Photographer Spotlight is a new series from Landscape Trades where we get to know more about leading garden and landscape photographers.

outdoor modern pool and gazebo Design and Build: The Landmark Group; Pergola: Solicanada

How did you get into landscape/garden photography?
My photography career started in the early 1990s in San Francisco, where I worked with advertising photographers doing landscape and automotive photography. Starting in the early 2000’s I worked under Dutch photographer Olaf Veltman who really instilled in me the workflow that I use today.
Green Roof
Green Roof construction
Design: Eden Tree Design; Build: Pro Land Landscapes; Pool by: Bona Vista Pools; Pergola: Solicanada; Fire Table: Paloform

What catches your eye when you’re photographing a garden/landscape?
I always try to use the natural light of the property as a guide for each location. Waiting for that moment where the light is just right.

Do you have any tips or tricks you can share?
It is not always possible, but I would say having patience is key: waiting to photograph a property for either practical reasons because elements are not there or to let the plants mature another season.

bowl of cucamelons Fire feature: Paloform; Furniture by: Gloster

What are some of your favourite gardens you have photographed?
Are there any you would like the chance to shoot? My favourite projects are the ones where all the boxes are ticked. So great location, design, workmanship, plantings, and furniture.

What is your favourite camera gear for shooting gardens?
There is so much great gear out there now. I’m using Canon bodies with prime lenses.