March 15, 2013
A highly entertaining, educational and professional-grade video is now playing on, thanks to the volunteer efforts of Jason Wilton CLT.

Working for Clintar Landscape Management in Markham, Wilton volunteered his time and talent to produce the new certification promo video, How Pro Are You?   

Wilton felt that the younger generation would relate to the certification program if the information came through video. “The industry needs to appeal to more young people, and I think this format may be one way to do it,” said Wilton.

Sally Harvey, manager of education and labour development, says, “This is a fantastic video that was launched at Congress at both the Awards of Excellence and the AGM. You have to see it — I smile every time with pride!”  

Harvey went on to say that Jason Wilton is a very talented and enthusiastic young man. “He is the next generation to lead the way in the industry.”

Wilton has education in both horticulture and marketing. He enjoys making video presentations. “I couldn’t possibly have produced the certification video if not for Clintar,” says Wilton.

Clintar has been a strong supporter of the certification program since it began.

A Landscape Industry Certified Technician, Jason Wilton has been a volunteer judge at the Certification tests. To view the video, go to