February 9, 2022
Landscape Ontario’s Turf Management Sector Group hosted its annual IPM Symposium on Jan. 6. Over 250 landscape professionals attended online to hear the latest research and practices for preventing pests, insects, weeds and pathogens.

Following the event, attendees were able to take an online exam, where a score of 70 per cent or more earned them six Continuing Education Credits (CECs) from the IPM Council of Canada.

A recording of the entire symposium is available for purchase until May 31, 2022. The cost is $75 for an LO member, $100 for a non-member and $25 for students and educators.

Organizers would like to recognize the following event partners:
Evergreen Bio Innovations (Presenting Partner); JB & D Company, Greenhorizons Sod Farms, Allturf, Koppert Biological Systems, Rittenhouse, Target Specialty Products, Nutrite, Plant Products (Supporting Partners).

For details, visit HortTrades.com/ipm-symposium-2022.