October 15, 2011
By Sally Harvey CLT, CLP
Education and Labour Development Department

Sally HarveyThe fall season at Landscape Ontario is always busy with numerous activities, including the beginning of our trade show season, the chapter meetings starting up, and of course the launch of our Prosperity Partners education programming in the coming winter months.

For some clarification about the program, please read this month’s executive director’s column on page 6 of this issue.

The Prosperity Partners journey is truly integrated into all professional development products and services that we offer to our industry members, whether it is a winter seminar, symposium, a conference seminar, engaging a chapter meeting, magazine content, trade show opportunity, the Landscape Ontario Resource booth at the shows, certification and much, much more. Your Landscape Ontario staff is working hard to partner with you to help with all that we offer so you may achieve a new level of prosperity in your businesses and your personal lives.

After months of planning, based on your feedback, committee input, direction and an environmental scan, we are excited to launch our Prosperity Partners Professional Development Guide, outlining well over 100 seminars that have been developed and coordinated for our industry members. You stated clearly that you want more professional development to help better manage your staff.

You were united in the request to continue to provide technical training opportunities. We understand that safety and compliance is important to every successful business in Ontario, and thus we are increasing the number of topics and frequency to increase our level of safety compliance across the sectors.

Emerging businesses spoke up too with a request for programs that serve their needs as well; mature businesses requested content that is aimed at their needs.

We also heard that we need to spruce up our sales training, as many found the need to produce sales this past season in order to keep crews busy. This extra sales effort is an activity that is foreign to most, as we have been challenged more with keeping up with demand in the past than creating demand.

I am please to share with you that the guide will bring back the noted favourites, expand to meet your needs as per your feedback and venture into new ground to ensure that we are up-to-date on innovation and new technologies. I congratulate our seminar and safety group coordinator Kathy McLean for her efforts in delivering this amazing document to the industry for the 2011/2012 season.

The Prosperity Partners Professional Development Guide is polybagged in this issue of Horticulture Review. It will also be available in the Landscape Ontario Resource booth (# 744) at Expo 2011 with online registration opening at the same time. And, the guide will be available again at Congress 2012 at our LO resource booth # 41. Please make sure that you pick up a copy or two for your staff and your office at the show to ensure everyone is well trained this winter, and ready and prepared for an excellent season in 2012.

Congress conferences

We are pleased to provide an exceptional conference program for Congress 2012. Running a successful horticulture business becomes easy when you take advantage of Landscape Ontario’s Prosperity Partners programs. Prosperity starts with profitability and includes life balance that allows time for the achievement of professional and personal goals. Our conference coordinator Kristen McIntyre has developed an excellent program that will increase your expertise in the five pillars of prosperity: Leadership Excellence, Sales Success, Financial Health, Customers for Life and Professional Operations.

We know that these pillars are critical to the health and success of every business regardless of size. Therefore, your attendance at the seminars will put you ahead of the competition. Again, we value your feedback, thus this conference program will offer you a new professional development format with new topics and many new speakers each morning, and also will allow plenty of time to visit the trade show each afternoon from Jan. 10-12. We look forward to sharing the details with you in the November issue of Landscape Trades.


Are you Landscape Industry Certified? The last chance for testing and to gain recertification points for 2011 is Oct. 24 and 25 at the Milton home office and Nov. 5 at Fanshawe College. For more information go to: www.horttrades.com/clt.
Contact Sally Harvey should you have any questions at sharvey@landscapontario.com.