July 15, 2010
The horticulture industry members in Ottawa are being credited with preventing Algonquin College from cutting its horticulture program.

Area news media quoted Doug Wotherspoon, the college’s executive director of advancement and a member of its strategic programs and services planning committee, “While there are still significant issues with some existing programs, what we did hear in the feedback process were opportunities for partnering with industry and the importance of particular programs for industry.”

A public consultation took place on June 1. Of the 22 speakers registered at the forum, over half were LO members who expressed support for the horticulture program.

A report, entitled Embracing Change, Ready to Act, was presented to the college’s board of governors, recommending that the horticulture program not be cut, but completely redesigned. The report did suggest that 11 programs be phased out.

Wotherspoon says many industry leaders came forward to offer suggestions for redesigning the curriculum and its delivery. One area being examined in a revised horticulture program is green-roof technology.

The college’s board is expected to make a final decision by the end of August.