March 23, 2023
Important update on locate fees

joe salemiOn Friday, March 10, many of you received a notice from Enbridge Distribution Protection, Damage Prevention Division that let you know Enbridge would be implementing a fee of $200 per locate request. That notice created a significant amount of concern. Landscape Ontario received about 120 emails, phone calls, texts, and tagged social media posts regarding this topic. We heard you loud and clear that this is a massive issue, and we reached out to executives at Enbridge on your behalf.

On March 22, I connected with Enbridge Gas officials. They let us know that any excavator doing work on behalf of a property owner would not be subject to that fee. This includes residential, commercial, industrial, and institutional properties. They explained the locate fee was intended for third-party excavators hired by Enbridge Gas or any other utility to work on their behalf.

On March 23, Enbridge Gas notified stakeholders via email of its decision to put the implementation of the locate delivery charge on pause. They stated that they will "use this time to continue our industry consultations and Enbridge Gas will provide additional information once we have confirmed our approach."