December 20, 2018
Employee Handbook


An Employee Handbook communicates the rights and obligations of employees. The Handbook sets the boundaries that govern your employees’ actions in the workplace.


The Employee Handbook is for all employees: full-time, part-time, seasonal and contract.


The Employee Handbook contains examples of best practices in employee related policies.
Use the Handbook as a framework and add relevant information for your business.

Downloading the Landscape Ontario (LO) Employee Handbook:

If your business currently has an Employee Handbook:
  • Review your current Employee Handbook.
  • Review LO's Employee Handbook and incorporate what's missing.

If you don’t have an Employee Handbook:
  • LO's Employee Handbook was designed for you.
  • Download and implement the Handbook.

Organizing the Employee Handbook

The Employee Handbook is divided into two parts:
Part I: General Organizational Policies
Part II: Human Resources and Employment Policies

Once you have downloaded the relevant policies add the following:

  1. Each of the policies has a number. The first policy in Part I: General Policies would start with number Policy 1.1; the first Policy in Part II: Human Resources and Employment Policies, would start with number Policy 2.1.
  2. Add a ‘footer’ with your company logo (if desired), date and page numbers. Once the pages are numbered, the ‘Table of Contents’ can be updated.
  3. When there is a parenthesis {  }: company specific information will need to be added.


The Human Resources Policies and Procedures Manual does not constitute legal advice nor is it a statement of the law. It does not cover every situation or answer every question about legal requirements as each business is unique.

The policies and procedures have been developed from reviewing government and legislative websites and are current to December 2018.

Whenever there is a significant human resources issue or concern, it is important to contact Employment Standards, the Human Rights Commission or a lawyer for advice.