November 15, 2019
By Jacki Hart CLP
Prosperity Partners Program Manager

Jacki HartWhat’s your business getting from you for this holiday season? Most businesses treat their employees to something special at this time of year. The ideas vary widely from business to business: A bonus, a team restaurant meal or evening, a fun event or venue, maybe selected gift cards. And, maybe in these tough times, it’s a sincere thank you and heartfelt warm wishes for the season.

Perhaps it’s worthwhile considering what treat you’ll purchase for your business, and also the engine that drives your prosperity. It’s a great time of year to consider giving the gift of professional development to your company.

With Congress just around the corner — yes it does sneak up VERY quickly right after New Year’s — it’s a great time to go to and register. Create your plan for how to get the most from this important four-day industry gathering.

Warm-up Monday continues to fill up with stronger, better programs every year. There are lots of receptions, gatherings, networking opportunities before the Congress Conference and Trade Show even open. Sourcing new suppliers, equipment, materials and building relationships with existing suppliers face to face is a great opportunity you should plan for this year.

Following Congress, the winter seminars roll into full swing, with hundreds of learning opportunities to choose from for all levels of staff, and at various locations around the province.

A key phrase in the Prosperity Partners training is, “If you’re aiming at nothing, you’ll hit it with huge accuracy.”

A key Jacki Hart phrase many of you have heard over the years is, “A dream without a plan is just a fantasy.”

So, what’s the plan for your professional development? Where are your gaps? Did you take my advice last month and create a list in each of the five Prosperity Pillars for what really needs to be fixed? If you did, take the time to sit down with your wish list of things to fix, and compare it (your gaps) to LO’s professional development offerings.

Take advantage of the Prosperity Partners roadmap, and plot your route to better prosperity by levering the professional development opportunities available to you and your staff over the coming months.

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